There are so many students who spend the right amount of time studying every day for their exams and still fail. These students do all the necessary things- plotting their timetables, sticking to such and doing all their assignments and homework. Yet they fail to perform well in exam. This makes you wonder- what could be responsible for this? Some people can say this  can only be because the witches from such people’s villages are after them, determined to ensure they fail. But jokes aside, this is a problem that can be solved. But to do that, there will be need to identify the causes. Let us do that; shall we?

The first thing any teen that is performing poorly in spite of studying hard needs to know is that he or she is definitely doing something wrong. Somewhere along the line in such a student’s study process, there is a serious breakdown. The breakdown along the line is the trouble spot that needs to be identified and solved. Typically, the break down is reading without understanding. And there is simply no how anybody can excel in an exam without first understanding what he or she has read. You can indeed spend hours, bent over your desk studying. But then in the long run all the time you spent would amount to nothing if you do not ensure to understand everything you are studying.

So what should you do to ensure that you understand?

  1. Concentration is inevitable. There is no way you can understand anything without first concentrating. This is why it is advisable to study in conducive environments. So try doing that.
  2. Be interested in what you are studying. One of the reasons most students fail to understand the texts they read is because they are simply not interested in such texts. Instead, they only try to study because they are required to do so. Do not be like that. You must be genuinely interested in your books in order to comprehend them when you read them.
  3. Avoid distractions. There is simply no way you can comprehend anything in your book if you are distracted while reading it. Therefore, do not let yourself be distracted by anything be it the TV, Facebook, Whatsapp; anything.
  4. Test your knowledge of every topic you read. This is probably the easiest way to ascertain whether you actually understand what you read or not. When you finish reading and test your knowledge on your own, you would be frankly assessing yourself and determining your level of strength or weakness on that particular topic. If your strength is high, that means you understand the topic. But if it is on the flipside, then you study some more.

There is indeed nothing as painful as studying hard and still failure. But as you can see, studying hard is not enough. Perhaps it’s time you start studying both hard and smart. I hope you’d get better in your studies…