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Practical Tips to Coping with Addiction among Teens

Addiction is the state of dependency on something (and in rare cases someone) in order to function. In other words, it is a situation whereby a person has little or no control over their lives without the company of the substances or habits they have gotten so used to. There are different forms of addiction [...]

5 Ways to Beat Your Phone Addiction

If you find yourself checking your phone first thing in the morning—before even getting out of bed, you may be addicted. If you find you’re text-messaging while in class, checking your phone instead of working on an important assignment, or checking Facebook during a family dinner — your phone is interfering with your life and you [...]

How to Stop a Masturbation Addiction

Rewarding Yourself Never reward yourself with what you’re trying to quit. If you’ve been clean for three weeks and you feel very accomplished, don’t ever say, “I’ve done such a good job! I’ll go ahead and reward myself now by masturbating.” I can promise you that more often than not, this doesn’t work. Tempting Times [...]

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Want to free yourself from smartphone Addiction? There’s an APP for that!

The average phone user unlocks their device 63 times a day, for 2 hours 49 minutes each time - a minimum of three hours a day. And in a move that might seem counter-intuitive, a Berlin-based psychologist has developed an app to help wean us off our gadgets. Called Offtime, it limits which apps can [...]

9 Signs You May Not Have ‘A Real Friend’ Because You’re Dating Your Phone

We’re all pretty attached to our phones these days, but some of us are more attached than others. I love my phone and really don’t know what I’d do without it. Ten years ago I wouldn’t have thought I’d be so attached to a piece of technology, yet here we are. Some people might be [...]

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