SHE Forum Africa Makes a Case for Girl Child Education

Stakeholders have called for more concerted effort at educating the girl-child. They made the call during a panel organised by SHE Forum Africa, a Non-Governmental Organisation focused on clamouring for gender equity among many things.

This year’s conference took place in Abuja yesterday, the fourth edition and with the theme- Evolve or […]

School Management offers Four lucky Students Scholarship to the tune of 3 million naira

 The Mind Builders School, a secondary school based in Lagos, has awarded scholarship worth up to three million naira to four of its newly admitted students. The kind gesture by the school’s management is aimed at covering part of the new students tuition fees. This is a follow up to an earlier scholarship scheme by the […]

The major Differences between British and American English every Teen should know

To some people, English language is English language. But to those who know, there are major differences between the many variants of English language; precisely the differences between British and American English. Unfortunately, many Nigerians (who are supposed to be British English speakers by the way) very often make the mistake of confusing […]

What really are the benefits of studying Mathematics?

There is so much emphasis on the need for students to study Mathematics and master it. But rarely are they told the benefits studying the subjects will accord them. This explains why most students show little interest in the subject and even when they do show interest, do so just because they […]

These Brain Foods that will help Teens study well and make good Grades

Ever noticed that you are always hungry when you are studying for your exams? That seemingly incessant hunger for food is as a result of the serious brain work you do during exam times. The human brain needs a lot of energy to function on a normal day and when you use your […]

Effective Teaching Practices every Teacher should embrace

Good teachers always look out for new ways to be innovative and become better teachers.  This because to become a better teacher, it is essential to continually try new in the classroom. One of the best ways to be innovative is go on trainings, research, read peer reviews and keep abreast with what […]

Teens! Learn ways to Manage School-related Stress

Although it may not seem like it, the truth is that secondary school students are actually busy. The amount of subjects they are required to study, the many tests they write and of course the fear of almighty WAEC (both Junior and Senior) can all be catalysts for stress. And then there […]

How can Teachers Build Solid Relationships with their Students?

It is very important for teachers to have positive and solid relationships with their students because that is one of the surest ways to ensure that the actual teaching and learning process really takes place. Observe a teacher who is beloved by his/her students and you will see how well the students will perform in […]

Practical Education: Here are a few things Schools should encourage Students to do

School typically make provisions for extra curricular activities. And inasmuch as said provisions are good (talk about debates, quiz and excursions), there is still need to incorporate a whole lot of other things into the mix. That is why I have come up with a few suggestions as you shall see below. Interestingly, […]

Apply for the Cowbellpedia 2017 Competition

Promasidor Nigeria Limited, the organizer of the annual Cowbellpedia Secondary School Mathematics TV Quiz show has commenced the search for Math geniuses who will compete in the 2017 edition of the show.

The Managing Director of Promasidor, Mr. Olivier Thiry made this known to the public at a press briefing in Lagos. […]

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