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Experimental Drug for Ebola Virus

Cool: The Ebola vaccine works!

New monkey studies show that one shot of an experimental Ebola vaccine can trigger fast protection, but the effect waned unless the animals got a booster shot made a different way. Some healthy people are rolling up their sleeves at the National Institutes of Health for the first human safety study of this vaccine in [...]

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‘Promising’ Ebola vaccine to go into trials – and it could be available by the end of the year

Britons are to be the first in the world to test a new vaccine against the deadly ebola virus. Altogether 60 healthy volunteers will be given the vaccine next month in a trial led by Oxford University scientists. If the vaccine performs as well in humans as in monkeys, the trial will be extended to [...]

Hope In Sight: World Health Org. (WHO) approves experimental Ebola drugs (ZMapp)

The World Health Organisation authorised the use of experimental drugs to fight Ebola as the death toll topped 1 000 and a Spanish priest became the first European to succumb to the outbreak. The declaration by the UN's health agency came on Tuesday after a US company that makes an experimental serum called ZMapp said [...]

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All doses of experimental Ebola drug sent to West Africa

A US company that makes an experimental drug for treating the often deadly Ebola virus said Monday it has sent all its available supplies to West Africa. Some 961 people have died from the hemorrhagic fever in Sierra Leone, Liberia, Guinea and Nigeria since March during the largest Ebola outbreak in history. “In responding to [...]

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