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Unlikely Friendship Between Goat and Tiger Ends After WEEKS OF BULLYING

Do you remember the video that trended about the unlikely friendship between a tiger and a goat? It appears that friendship has ultimately come to an end - for reasons you will completely understand. The long companionship between a Siberian tiger named Amur and a goat named Timur dissolved into a fight yesterday, January 29. [...]

These Interesting Facts About Goats Are Truly Amazing

Goats are kind of a big deal on the Internet these days. But how much do you really know about them? For instance, did you know that their rectangular-shaped pupils are positioned on the sides of their head, giving them the ability to see a full 280 degrees horizontally? As you can imagine, vision like [...]

WATCH: The Funniest Goat Video You’ll Ever See

  Goats love to climb things. They love to climb things so much that there's a Tumblr dedicated to it. In this video, a herd of goats has discovered a large metal sheet just tall enough to climb, but just flexible enough that it sends them sliding back down, particularly when more than one try [...]

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