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Classwork Series and Exercises {Government – SS1}: Public Opinion

Government SS1 Second Term Week 7 Topic: PUBLIC OPINION Contents: Characteristics of Public Opinion Formation of Public Opinion Measure of Public Opinion Functions of Public Opinion Demerits of Public Opinion PUBLIC OPINION This  is an aggregate of the individual views, attitudes, and beliefs about a particular topic, expressed by a significant proportion of a community. [...]

Civic Education – Responsibilities of Individuals, Groups and Government in UDHR

Civic Education, SS1, Week 2, Topic: Responsibilities of Individual, Groups and Government in UDHR Contents: Roles of Individuals in UDHR Roles of Groups and Government in UDHR Roles of Individuals In UDHR (Universal Declaration of Human Right) The roles of Individual in the Universal Declaration of Human Right are highlighted below Every individual should be [...]

Classwork Exercise and Series (Government- SS1): Indirect Rule

Indirect Rule Indirect rule is a system of administration in which the British colonial government adopted as its colonial policy in dealing with the people by using the traditional rulers, the traditional political institutions while the British officials mainly advised and where necessary, enforced colonial regulations. Indirect Rule in Northern Nigeria One of the reasons [...]

Duties and Problems Of Electoral Commission

Organisation of the Electoral Commission The Electoral Commission is headed by a Chairman appointed by the government. The Chairman oversees the work of the Commission and the activities of the members. The Chairman disciplines erring or disobedient staff and ensures the prosecution of anybody who committed electoral offences. The Chairman interprets the electoral laws and [...]


Government, SS 2, Week 1 Topic: AFRICA THE CENTERPIECE OF NIGERIA’S FOREIGN POLICY Contents: The origin of the concept "Africa the centre piece of Nigeria's foreign policy Principles of the concept Reasons for the adoption of Africa as the centre piece of Nigeria's foreign policy. Formulation How has Nigeria Demonstrated that Africa is the centre [...]

Classwork Series and Exercises {Government – SS3}: Weaknesses of the Military Regime in Nigeria

  Topic:  Weaknesses of Military Regime in Nigeria Incompetence or inexperienced personnel: The military regime constituted military personnel who lacked administrative and political experience to govern. Non-tolerance to criticism: the military government does not tolerate criticism. Dictatorship: All military administrations are dictators. Independence of the judiciary: It was sometimes not guaranteed which rendered the judiciary [...]

Merits And Demerits Of Clifford Constitution Of 1922

Merits Of 1922 Clifford Constitution Introduction of First elective principle The introduction of a single legislative council for the colony Lagos and the protectorate of Southern Nigeria. Laying the foundation for the introduction of the first political party in Nigeria 1923 Demerits of 1922 Clifford Constitution One glaring or major defects of the 1922 Clifford's [...]

Federalism (Civic Education)

 Federalism Contents:    Meaning of Federalism                  Reason for the adoption of Federalism in Nigeria                  Problems of Federalism in Nigeria.                  The State Government                  The Local Government.   [...]

The Functions Of The Central Bank

A Central Bank or Reserve bank is an institution that manages a state's currency, money supply and interest rates. A Central possesses the monopoly to increase the amount of money in the nation and also prints the national currency - the nation's legal tender. The major function of the central bank is to manage the [...]

Government: Electoral Commission

Electoral Commission Electoral commission is a body responsible for organizing and conducting elections in a political system. It can also be seen as an independent and impartial body responsible for conducting and organizing all elections in a given country. It has the chairman as the head and other members of the commission. In Nigeria for [...]

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