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Grammar: Determiners

Classwork Series and Exercises {English Language – SS2}: Diphthongs, Determiners and Writing Skill

English Language SS2 First Term Week 3 Contents: Oracy Skills: Diphthongs Grammar: Determiners Writing Skills: How to read and listen for gist The Habit of Reading A. Diphthongs A Diphthong is a type of vowel that begins as one sound, then changes into another. (Note that di - is a prefix meaning 'two'.) E.g. in [...]

Grammar Clinic: Determiners {Quantifiers and Pre-determiners}

Grammar: Determiners Determiners are words which come at the beginning of the noun phrase. They tell us whether the noun phrase is specific or general. Determiners are a group of words which include articles (a, the), demonstratives (this, those), possessive adjectives (my, their), numbers (one, two), and other words (any, both) that come before a [...]