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JSS2 Class notes Agriculture JSS2

Classwork Series and Exercises {Agricultural Science – JSS2}: Soil Fertility

Agriculture JSS2 Week 8 Topic: SOIL FERTILITY Contents: What is Soil Fertility? Plant Nutrients Ways of Maintaining Soil Fertility A. What is Soil Fertility? Soil fertility is the ability of the soil to apply all the necessary soil nutrients required by the plants for it growth and development in right proportion and absolve-able form. Soil [...]

Classwork Series and Exercises { Agriculture – JSS2}: MAINTAINING SOIL FERTILITY

Agriculture JSS2 Week 9 Topic: MAINTAINING SOIL FERTILITY Contents: Use of organic manure-Green , animal, farmyard and compost manure Inorganic fertilizer application Bush fallowing Liming Crop rotation Alley cropping There are various ways of maintaining soil fertility. This includes: Use of organic manure-Green , animal, farmyard and compost manure, Inorganic fertilizer application, Bush fallowing, Liming, [...]

Classwork Series and Exercises {Agriculture – JSS2}: FACTORS OF SOIL FORMATION

Agriculture JSS2 Week 3 Topic: FACTORS OF SOIL FORMATION Factors affecting soil formation are; Parent materials i.e origin of the soil Climate-Such as rainfall, temperature and wind. Topography Living matter or biotic factors-micro organism, roots of growing tree Time Parent materials: Parent material is the unconsolidated mineral and organic deposits in which soils are developing. [...]