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SS3 Mathematics Revision: Integration and Evaluation Simple Algebraic Functions

What is Algebraic Function? In mathematics, an algebraic function is a function that can be defined as the root of a polynomial equation. Quite often algebraic functions can be expressed using a finite number of terms, involving only the algebraic operations addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and raising to a fractional power. Examples of such functions are: Some [...]

SS2 Physics Third Term: Sound Wave

The Velocity of Sound Waves Since there are three states of matter, it means there must be three velocities for the three states, because experimentally three states are not the same. The velocity varies from medium to medium. The velocity of sound in air, for dry air at 00C is approximately 330m/s, but at room [...]

SS2 CRK Third Term: Faith in God

Faith and Grace (Daniel 3:1-30) According to Hebrews 11:1-2, faith is defined as the assurance of things hoped for, evidence of things not seen. The Bible tells us in Luke 1:37 with God all things are possible. Such was the case of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego whose faith and confidence in God was second to [...]

SS2 Computer Science Third Term: Algorithms and Flowcharts

Algorithms and Flowcharts Algorithm and  Flowchart are the two basic terms which aid the development of a software package conveniently. Algorithm: Is a step wise set of finite instructions written to solve a problem, it will be easier to code a program after writing a well prepared algorithm. An algorithm is an effective method that can [...]

SS2 Mathematics Third Term: Cumulative Frequency Graph

Cumulative Frequency Graphs: What is it? Cumulative frequency is the running total of the frequencies. On a graph, it can be represented by a cumulative frequency polygon, where straight lines join up the points, or a cumulative frequency curve. Example Frequency: Cumulative Frequency: 4 4 6 10 (4 + 6) 3 13 (4 + 6 [...]

JSS1 Business Studies Third Term: Consumer, Market and Society

Meaning of a Consumer A consumer is a person or group of people who buys and uses a product or service at a particular time. A consumer is the end user of a product and this is the one who completes the process of production. A customer A customer is a regular buyer of a [...]

JSS2 Basic Science Third Term: Energy And Appliances In The Home

Introduction Energy lights our cities, powers our vehicles, and runs machinery in factories. It warms and cools our homes, cooks our food, plays our music, and gives us pictures on television. Energy is defined as the ability or the capacity to do work. We use energy to do work and make all movements. When we [...]

SS2 Geography Third Term: Contour Representation of Land Forms

The following are some common landforms or relief features that can be represented on map by using contour lines. Valleys: are lowland between two highlands. Valleys are represented by V- shaped contour lines with the apex of the V- shape pointing towards the highland. When a valley contains water, it is called a river [...]

Classwork Series and Exercises { Civic Education}: Promoting National Unity – The National Anthem and Pledge

Civic Education, JSS1, Week 2 Topic: Promoting National Unity - The National Anthem and Pledge Content The National Anthem The National Pledge The National Anthem: This is a song of unity and readiness to serve the country which Nigerians have accepted to sing. It is a promise of loyalty to the country. Before October 1st [...]

Classwork Series and Exercises {Biology – SS1}: Biomes

Biology, SS 1 Topic: Biomes Introduction Large biotic communities corresponding to vegetation belts or zones are called biomes. Biomes are described as any large natural terrestrial ecosystem. The type of any biome is largely determined by climatic factors, especially rainfall and temperature. Thus, regions of the world with similar climates have similar biomes. The local [...]

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