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As education is becoming increasingly focused on teaching students STEM skills, we must remember that literacy skills are just as important. While science and math have traditionally separated from literature and humanities courses, today’s literature teachers are looking for ways to engage their students using STEM. Some people may balk at the idea of STEM [...]

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Literature – Introduction to Fiction and Non-Fiction

Literature - Introduction to Fiction and Non-Fiction Genre may fall under one of two categories: Fiction and Nonfiction. Any genre can be either: a work of Fiction (nonfactual descriptions and events invented by the author) or a work of Nonfiction (a communication in which descriptions and events are understood to be factual). Fiction Writings Fiction is [...]

Alone In The Open (Story)

When you are just a child and your family is broken up, you may likely blame yourself for everything. You see...as a child you can't afford to blame them; after all they are your parents and you need them. So you blame yourself instead; it's always easier this way. And then you tend to blame [...]

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Classwork Series and Exercises {English Language – JSS3}: Summary Writing and Literature

English Language JSS3 First Term Week 6 Content: Skill Focus: How to write a summary Literature: Myths and Legends Skill Focus: How to write a summary When you skim read text successfully, you get the gist very swiftly, but when you are asked to write a summary, you need to be much more careful. A [...]

Classwork Series and Exercises {Literature – SS1}: Sources of Literature

Literature in English, SS 1, Week 2 Topic: Sources of Literature Literature are sourced from the following: Folktale:Folktale is traditional stories that take their roots from culture of a particular group of people.It consists of folk heroes who are admired by people in a particular society and society at large. Folk dance: Folk dance is [...]

Grammar Clinic: Figures of Speech

Figure of Speech You might have heard the expression “it’s a figure of speech,” but what does that really mean? A figure of speech is just that – figurative language. It might be words with a literal meaning, a certain arrangements of words, or a phrase with a meaning that is something entirely other than [...]

Summary Of A Woman In Her Prime Novel By Asare Konadu

Summary of A Woman In Her Prime Here are some points from the novel: The opening chapter skillfully draws drama from a simple situation. It is the appointed day for sacrifice to the god Tano, but Pokuwaa is running late. She washes herself, rubs her skin with shea cream, and purifies herself with white clay powder, [...]

Classwork Series and Exercise {Literature – SS1}: Definition of Literature

Literature In English, SS 1, Week 1 Topic: Meaning of literature In English Content: Definition of Literature Types of Literature Definition of Literature Literature is a subject that mirrors people, their customs and traditions for others to see and learn from. Literature epitomizes the history of a particular group of people and their totality. It [...]

Literature: Myths and Legends

Literature: Myths and Legends A myth is a traditional story, which may describe the origins of the world and/or of a people. A myth is an attempt to explain mysteries, supernatural events, and cultural traditions. Sometimes sacred in nature, a myth can involve gods or other creatures. And, a myth represents reality in dramatic ways. [...]

Classwork Series and Exercises {Literature in English- SS2}: Boys on a swing (Oslwald Mtshali)

Literature in English, SS 2, Week 4 Topic: Boys on a swing (Oslwald Mtshali) Background of the poet Oswald Mtshadi was born in south Africa.He studied at Columbia University. He has written poems and has consistently spoken against oppression and marginalization especially the kind witnessed in south Africa. BOY ON A SWING Slowly he moves [...]

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