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Basic Science {JSS3}: Skill Acquisition

Basic Science Topic: Skill Acquisition Content - Meaning of Skill Acquisition Reasons for Skill Acquisition Types of Skills Importance of Skill Acquisition Introduction We are living in a very competitive age in which the employers of labour want to hire only the best applicants while the applicant wants to sell his or her services to [...]

9 tips to prevent injury caused by incorrect usage of computer mouse

  A mouse is a very useful computer accessory that makes computing a better experience...but they can also lead to injury Using a mouse can help make working on the computer more pleasurable but you can make the experience even more pleasurable by using the mouse rightly – and safely because it can be dangerous [...]

Mice with ‘half-human’ brains: Scientists make rodents SMARTER by injecting them with human cells

Mice injected with human brain cells grow to have 'half human brains' that make them smarter than other rodents, scientists have found. Researchers claim that giving mouse pups a type of immature human brain cell, known as glial cells, caused their brains to grow differently so they became more human-like. These human glial cells, which [...]

AMAZING: Meet the mouse-like creature with a TRUNK

It may seem hard to believe that such an unusual looking animal has remained hidden for so long. But scientists have only just discovered a new species of elephant shrew – or round-eared sengi - in the remote deserts of south western Africa. While it is the smallest known member of the 19 sengis in [...]

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