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She Wont Tell You Her Age? Find Out in Seconds Using Just Her Picture!

It's a general saying that you should never ask a lady her age. But what is more, most people - girls and boys alike - conceal their real ages for reasons best known to them. But not anymore! According to a recent report by CNN Tech, a computer algorithm developed by Microsoft can tell how old you [...]

Photo of The Day: This Boy’s Exam Script Will Make You Laugh

China is synonymous with "fake" goods. Meet a gadget/electronics dealer; he’s going to give you two choices – Original or China. As it stands, Fake is gradually becoming old use. For the student, of course, he must have got used to saying China instead of fake. And who knows, maybe before long, china will be [...]

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The Corruption of Eve: Seyi Shay’s Stunning Photo Album

Of course, you like to watch Seyi Shay do her stuff - music and captivating video. And she is at it again with her newest project - The Corruption of Eve, which was directed by photographer, Remi Adetiba and shot at the Lekki Conservation Centre, Lagos. The Corruption of Eve reconstructs the story of the [...]

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