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She Wont Tell You Her Age? Find Out in Seconds Using Just Her Picture!

It's a general saying that you should never ask a lady her age. But what is more, most people - girls and boys alike - conceal their real ages for reasons best known to them. But not anymore! According to a recent report by CNN Tech, a computer algorithm developed by Microsoft can tell how old you [...]

Social Media & Sexting: How Parents Can Keep Their Teens Safe

There is a dangerous practice that can have serious psychological consequences for teenagers. It’s called sexting - sending sexually explicit text or photographs from mobile devices. The photographs are often shared voluntarily, but sometimes a young person may be coerced into taking or sending these photographs. Once the photos are sent, they can be used [...]

Scientists reveal the secret of a perfect selfie

More than a million selfies are taken every day, and a third of us admit to digitally retouching our self-portraits before uploading them online. But researchers from the University of Surrey claim that many of these images could be improved simply taking note of some of their tips. For example, when using a smartphone, the [...]

7 Important Questions To Ask Yourself Before Sharing Photos Online

Digital citizenship is one of the big things we talk about on Passnowow. It’s basically being a good person online. Being a good person involves a lot more than just not spamming or trolling, mind you. It involves keeping yourself and your friends safe. One of the biggest ways to do that is to know about these [...]

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