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How watching pornography really does affect your BRAIN

Pornography offers the chance to explore your sexual fantasies. But while X-rated films can boost your libido, it can have a sinister effect on the brain, scientists have revealed. From releasing mood-boosting hormones to triggering addictive tendencies, porn can have a sinister effect on our brains. A slew of studies show excessive watching of pornography [...]

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Girl, 12, jumps to her death from 14th-floor apartment after her parents discover she had been watching porn

A 12 year-old Russian girl in St. Petersburg killed herself Wednesday, jumping from her block of flats after her parents discovered she'd been watching online pornography. The girl, whose first name was given by police as Daria, reportedly entered into a heated argument with her parents after they discovered she had been surfing porn web [...]

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Sex, Drug, Porn, Smoking…: How to deal with Teen peer pressure and addictions

(By Kayla Chanai) It feels so good to be back here with you again and I would love us to continue with our last discussion on dealing with peer pressure. It can be hard to go against the grain and resist social pressure but it’s very possible to do so. So how do you achieve [...]

‘I want girls to think before they share nude images’: Teen whose naked photos appeared online goes public to raise awareness

When Shaunna Lane's best friend suggested she should do a photo shoot to boost her confidence, after much thought, the naive girl, who was a teenager at the time, decided to strip down for a series of arty nude shots. And she was so thrilled with the photos that she decided to share them with [...]

SHOCKING: Teen, 14, raped girl aged ten after watching online porn

A judge condemned the corrosive effect of online pornography after a schoolboy who visited vile websites abducted and raped a girl of ten. The boy, who was 14 at the time, stopped his victim as she walked home from school, claiming he needed help looking for something he had lost. Once they were alone, he [...]

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WEIRD: Porn shown to children in South African school

A South African school has been rocked by allegations that a senior teacher inadvertently screened pornography to pupils. The teacher, who has been suspended in the wake of the scandal, is understood to have mistakenly shown illicit sexual images during a presentation. His future will be determined by an independent probe currently under way, while [...]

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Sex, Drug, Porn, Smoking…: How to deal with Teen peer pressure and addictions

(By Kayla Chanai) Today, we would be treating the subject of peer pressure and you may wonder who your peers are. Well, the people you see around you make up your “peer group.” They’re the people you see just about every day. They’re sympathetic to your situation. They understand the feelings of having to do [...]