Very simple Ways teenagers can boost their Brain Power

Your brain does a lot of thing, including the ability to learn new things. Ever imagined how miserable life would be if your brain were to permanently fail to assimilate all those new information that is thrust at you every day at school? Indeed, life would be horrible! But do you know that […]

Helping Teens find their Purposes in life: What Parents and teachers must do

Every human being on earth has a purpose for being here. Unfortunately, many fail to discover and accomplish their purposes mainly because they were not properly guided towards this light. It is the responsibilities of parents and teachers to help guide teenagers aright towards identifying what their purposes are and accomplishing such. But […]

What do Teenagers dread the most about school?

The life of an average teenager is really not as simple as it seems. Agreed, he or she may not be concerned with the worries of earning salaries and being actively responsible for the daily running of a home. Yet, the average teenager faces a whole lot of other challenges especially as it […]

Understanding Social Anxiety: What it is and how it affects Teens

Social Anxiety is a psychological concept used to describe a kind of phobia; an overwhelming fear of being judged or embarrassed in public. Please note that this fear is beyond the usual discomfort associated with speaking in front of a large crowd. You can also feel really scared of even showing up in […]

The major Differences between British and American English every Teen should know

To some people, English language is English language. But to those who know, there are major differences between the many variants of English language; precisely the differences between British and American English. Unfortunately, many Nigerians (who are supposed to be British English speakers by the way) very often make the mistake of confusing […]

Important things every Parent must teach their teens

Parenting is beyond conceiving babies, birthing them and providing them with the best care they could have. For inasmuch as those things are good, it is not enough. Instead, it is the responsibility of parents to always make sure that they are raising very good children who will one day become model citizens […]

What every teenager will surely miss about Secondary School

Virtually every teenager spends six years attending secondary school. And inasmuch as they enjoy the experience, they all look forward to the time they graduate and head on to the university. But just like everything in life whereby leaving a particular phase comes with some form of regrets, finally leaving secondary school will […]

Daily Grammar Mistakes every Teen should avoid

The most important rule to writing and speaking well is to be attentive to all grammar rules. Unfortunately, this is a rule many people find difficult to obey. As a result, when they speak or write, their speeches and compositions are replete with blunders too obvious to ignore. Anyway, I present to you […]

Teens! Learn how to discipline yourself towards achieving your Academic Goals

This article is important to every teenager, especially those who have overtime formed the unproductive habits of putting tasks off until the last minute and finding it hard to stick to their plans. Perhaps you have already started feeling the negative impacts of such bad habits and you now wish to turn a […]

Teens! Organize your 2017 Study Plans Using these Important Tips

2017 began some twenty days ago, and I will not be surprised that since then many students are yet to organize their study plans. As a matter of fact, some do not even know what a study plan is much less how to organize such. So let me briefly explain what a study […]

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