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SS3 Biology Second Term: Heredity (Genetics)

Introduction All living organisms reproduce. Reproduction results in the formation of offspring of the same kind. A pea plant produces only pea plants each time it reproduces. A rat produces only rats. Humans produce only humans. However, the resulting offspring need not and most often do not totally resemble the parent. Several characteristic differences may [...]

Classwork Series and Exercises {Agricultural Science – JSS2}: Physical Properties Of Soil

Agricultural Science, JSS 2,Second Term Topic: Physical Properties of Soil Physical properties of Soil These are properties that can be easily evaluated by visual inspection or by feel. They can be easily measured by some kind of scales such as size, shape and strength or intensity. The physical properties of the soil include; Soil texture [...]

The Coolest Private Secondary Schools in Oyo State

The top private secondary schools located in Oyo state are listed below, with addresses, contacts and websites. Lifeforte International Schools #1 Lifeforte Boulevard, Awotan GRA, Ibadan, Oyo State. Nigeria. Phone: +23427519918 +234 2 8104709 Website: http://www.lifeforte.org/ The International School, Ibadan Barth Road, University of Ibadan Phone: +2348060226663 Email: theinternationalschoolsuiibadan@gmail.com Website: http://isi.ui.edu.ng/ The Vale College 23a, Adetokunbo Ademola Road, Iyaganku [...]