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8 Ways Falling In Love Makes You Do Strange Things

Have you ever hoped to be in love soon, or perhaps you are already ‘crazy’ in ‘love’? Blind in love? Or just downright lovesick? Scientists will tell you that those idioms actually have a basis in fact. Intense, passionate feelings of love really can mess with your mind and body--from affecting the way you talk [...]

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10 Signs Your Crush Likes You Back

The biggest thing that makes having a crush so complicated is all of the confusing emotions that you’re constantly feeling. How are you supposed to know if s/he likes you back or not?! Sometimes, even if s/he says s/he likes you, it can still be hard to tell if s/he really does or if s/he’s [...]

How To Deal With Being Single When Your Friends Aren’t

Agreed, being single can be truly disturbing especially when all the folks you move around with are not. It’s not that you don’t love your besties anymore or anything. I mean, you still speak in inside jokes, share outfits, enjoy the same TV shows and hate the same reality stars. But when your fave sidekick [...]

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10 Things Shy People Do When They Have A Crush On Someone

When it comes to talking to crushes, some folks are just born gifted. These ones have no problem going up to the person they like and flirting aggressively until he/she is just as obsessed with him/her as s/he is with him/her – if not more. They aren’t terrified to make the first move, the thought [...]

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What To Do When Friends Make Fun Of You For Not Being In A Relationship

Hi Admin, This probably sounds silly, but my friends always tease me about not having a boyfriend. I’ve tried telling them I’m not ready and I don’t want one right now. I’m only 16-years-old and I want to be free and chase after my dreams. I am just not ready for what they see as [...]

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Girl Talk: What To Do If Your BF Wants You To Send Nude Pictures

Hi Admin, My boyfriend is begging me to send him naked pictures. I don’t feel comfortable having dirty pictures of myself out there, maybe even on the Internet. He promises he won’t share any of them, but I don’t want to risk it. He’s a nice guy, and our relationship is fine, but this is [...]

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12 Amazing Facts Guys Should Know About Girls

First, I want to start by saying that these facts may not apply to all girls, but they do to most of them. I got these facts from experience, friends' experiences, books, movies, and from what I heard, so I’m almost positive that all of them are true. It might be wise to actually listen, [...]

The 9 Most Unattractive Things A Girl Can Say, According To Guys

You know that phrase, “actions speak louder than words?” I totally believe it, but I also believe that words can be super powerful. The way you say something, or what you say (even if you meant something completely different), can cause people to think about you in a certain way. If you say the wrong [...]

The 9 Most Unattractive Things A Guy Can Say, According To Girls

Some guys wonder why it does appear like no girl ever wants to talk to them. Well, the solution to that might be here, after all! I read an awesome Ask Reddit thread about the most unattractive things members of the opposite sex can say to each other. I put together a list of things [...]

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