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8 Things You Should Never Do To Get Your Crush To Like You

When it comes to crushes, we’re all pretty capable of doing really stupid things. I’ve done some super dumb things to impress a crush, and it’s pretty much never worked in my favour. Once I started being myself, things started getting a lot better. You should want to be with someone who appreciates the real [...]

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8 Dating Deal Breakers You Shouldn’t Have

When it comes to dating, I personally think it’s good for everyone to have a few deal breakers. You need to know what you want and don’t want, and deal breakers are a part of what you don’t want in a relationship. There’s nothing wrong with calling things off because a guy or girl doesn’t [...]

Girl Talk: How Do You Know If You Can Trust A Guy?

Hi Admin, I’m 19 years old. Four years ago, my ex-boyfriend took advantage of me and was only interested in sex. Since then, I haven’t been in a relationship because I don’t trust guys. I want to grow up and get over my fear of not trusting guys, but I don’t know how. My ex [...]

10 Crazy, Interesting Facts About Love That Might Surprise You

Dear everyone who is running around screaming that “love isn’t real” because you’re sick of all the hype the subject is getting. Falling in love is very much a real thing, and as it turns out, it can do a lot of really weird things to your body and your brain. Love is a pretty [...]

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Girl Talk: 6 Excuses Guys Will Give You When They’re Blowing You Off

Dating is complicated. Sometimes people are jerks and instead of being honest and truthful, they lie. They don’t always lie because they’re trying to hurt you – most of the time they lie because they don’t want to hurt you. This especially comes into play when a crush makes plans with you and then blows [...]

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Girl Talk: How to get your guy friend to stop flirting with you (without ruining your friendship)

Hello, I have a friend who’s a guy who likes me. He knows that I’m not interested in him, yet he still flirts with me every day. It’s getting really annoying and frustrating. How do I get him to stop flirting with me? I don’t want to ruin our friendship but I really can’t stand [...]

The 6 Most Annoying Things You’ll Do When You’re In A Relationship

As much as we say relationships won’t change us at all, we’re usually wrong. We see lovey-dovey couples in movies, on TV shows and even in real life on Facebook, and we roll our eyes at them and promise anyone who will listen that we would NEVER do something so corny and lame. And then [...]

Do Guys Think It’s Annoying When Girls Text First?

Texting these days is a necessary evil. It’s the easiest mode of communication and allows us to talk without having to actually speak to someone. It’s super convenient, but it also can cause a lot of stress when someone doesn’t respond to a text right away or when deciding which emoji to use. Texting in [...]

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Girl Talk: 5 Signs He’s Looking For Sex Under The Cover Of A Date

Dating is a complete NO for teens especially those who are still in secondary school. However it’s good for every teenage girl to be aware of predators so as not to fall for their antics. The bitter truth is that sex is usually the main thing almost every guy has in mind when inviting a [...]

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What Should You Talk About On A First Date?

Whether it’s a first date, meeting new people, a job interview or anything else, the key to success is to always be yourself. You want people to like you for who you are, and if you’re insincere, it will eventually come out and cause all sorts of drama. Along with this, you want to be [...]

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