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teens and relationship

Love and Dating: Is It Okay For Me To Kiss And Smooch In My Relationship?

Kissing And Smooching Kissing is the act of expressing desire and passion for another. Kisses can be strong and passionate, very heated, backed by strong sexual desire. Smooching  to kiss, hold, and touch someone in a sexual way, to cuddle. Smooching is a lot more than kissing, it involves slow kisses and a lot of [...]

Can I Have Sex As A Teenager?

Hi Admin, I'm a 19yr old who is into relationship with this guy, he is about 22yrs old. I love him so much and he loves me too. Sometimes, he likes to touch me and I allow him but of late, I stopped and he suddenly changed. Though he loves me but he wants more than [...]

Can I Have A Serious Relationship As A Teenager?

Can I Have A Serious Relationship As A Teenager? Relationships for adults are hard enough. When we see our teens get involved, it opens up several cans of worry that, if not dealt with, can have adverse effects for all parties involved, including parents who are trying to do the right thing. At what age [...]