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Texting Abbreviations

40 Teen Text Terms Decoded for Confused Parents

To help you in your quest to decode your teens’ space-constrained text babble, we’ve compiled a list of popular terms and abbreviations. Don’t be surprised if you see variations when it comes to capitalisation or style; it’s common for some teens to prefer all caps to lowercase or even changing capitalisation, whether at the beginning [...]

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30 Acronyms You Might Not Know (But Probably Should)

BYOB, OMG, and FYI are just soooo yesterday. New abbreviations pop up on social media every second, so it's normal to feel lost and confused about the origin and correct usage of letters like “JIC” (just in case). So we’re here to help you learn 33 acronyms floating around. Behold, the DoMA (Dictionary Of Modern [...]

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