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Revealed: How the way you walk affects your MOOD

Changing the way we walk can change our mood and boost our happiness, a study found. It's long been known that our mood affects our posture: sad people slump their shoulders while happy people bounce along the street. Now researchers have shown it works the other way too - making people imitate a happy or [...]

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7 Very Real Dangers Of Texting And Walking

We all love staying connected. What’s a dude gotta do when he’s attached to his phone like almost 24/7 answering texts, tweets, commenting of Facebook posts and what have you? We just can’t help but stay connected, except when it almost gets us killed. I can remember the other time I was doing some stuff [...]

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The newest superfood? WALKING – and experts say it’s far better for you than intense bursts of exercise

Fitness experts have revealed the latest 'superfood' - and it'll cost you a lot less than vegs or fruits. They say walking is the 'superfood of fitness' and that it may be far better for you than bursts of intense exercise. Scientist Katy Bowman has explained in her book, 'Move Your DNA: Restore Your Health Through [...]

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