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How do You Tell Someone They have mouth odour?

Who hasn’t been there? You want to be close to someone really special to you but one thing just keep pushing you away – Mouth odour!Badbreath

Mouth odour or bad breath, the colloquial terms for Halitosis is a symptom in which unpleasant odour is present in exhaled breath. Many people of all ages are reported to suffer from it at varying degree, sometimes for a short period in some people and persistent in other people.

Admittedly, telling someone they have mouth odour can be a herculean task depending on the level of your relationship with that individual. If the individual with bad breath is a close friend, a classmate, a younger sibling, telling them is like a piece of cake.

What if the person is older than you are and your relationship is a strict official one, your teacher, uncle, boss, headmistress, principal?  In this case, it is very difficult because you want to be careful not to embarrass them or attract some kind of punishment. Most times, you are left with the options of ‘enjoying’ the ‘fragrance’ for how long they talk (and I can assure you, they can go long hours talking) or taking to your heels whenever you notice they approach.

This measures are however not helpful to you or the individual because you need to maintain a healthy relationship with them and help them do something about the condition. What then can be done? Lets take a look.

  • Give hints: There is no better way to tell someone they have bad breath than getting them to know it for themselves. This is less embarrassing for both parties. A good hint is to pretend  YOU ARE THE ONE WITH THE MOUTH ODOUR because if you are talking about yourself, no one is offended. Since obviously, you do not have mouth odour, the other person will begin to think about their own breath. You could say “is it just me or does my breath smell or what’s that smell, is it my breath? Another hint is to offer them mint or gum and say “you know when a friend offers you mint, you really should take it

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    give them mint
    give them mint
  • Be direct: There are some individuals that don’t get the hints no matter how hard you try. That is the downside of giving hints. In this case, you have to be direct. Don’t jest when you are being direct and try not to be derogatory. Do not say “your breath stinks or smells like rotten egg/vomit“. Often times, they are not even aware of their situation and it’s usually not their fault, so you want to be direct and mild. You can say “I noticed a problem and wasn’t sure if you’re aware…you have a problem with bad breath
  • Leave anonymous notes: This is good tactics especially if you are not close to the person. Your note may read something like this “I noticed a problem that you might not be aware of. You have a problem with bad breath. This doesn’t change the fact that I think you are a good person. It’s just that if I had this problem, I would want someone to tell me.”

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If you have better tactics, please suggest in a comment. Thank you.


4 thoughts on “How do You Tell Someone They have mouth odour?”

    1. It is not a good idea to stop talking to the person. By letting the person know using the tips given, you help him/her pay more attention to themsleves and become better person. People should not be socially alienated because they have mouth odour.

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