One thing about being a lady is the experience you will have dealing with a lot of crushes, either good or bad. Some crushes are just the worst! Here are the 7 worst crushes you can have:

The Nice Guy

The nice guy is typically a friend, but he’s too nice to ever turn that friendship into a relationship. And then he’ll get upset when you crush on someone else and complain that the nice guy never gets the girl.

The Bad Boy

Some bad boys are really sweet and great, but a lot of times you end up trying to “change” them and things get messy.

The Player

He flirts with anything that moves, has uncountable number girlfriends and looooves the ladies. You can’t help it! But the player is such a sucky guy to crush on because everyone else is crushing on him too. And he’s crushing their hearts

Your Teacher

If you’re in school, teachers are definitely off-limits. There are legal implications, and it’s not going to work out. It’s just not!

Your Friend’s Boyfriend

We know your friend’s boyfriend can be charming and sweet and amazing. That’s why she likes him! But he is NOT yours! Stop it

Your Sister’s Boyfriend

Crushing on your friend’s boyfriend is bad. But crushing on your sister’s boyfriend is even worse! She’s your family!

Your Best Friend’s Brother

Crushing on your BFF’s bro is so frustrating! Some friends might be cool with you dating their brother. Others might not be into it. And it could tear apart your friendship! Proceed with caution.