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The 9 Most Unattractive Things A Guy Can Say, According To Girls

Some guys wonder why it does appear like no girl ever wants to talk to them. Well, the solution to that might be here, after all!

I read an awesome Ask Reddit thread about the most unattractive things members of the opposite sex can say to each other. I put together a list of things guys hate that girls say. While that was really interesting and informative, it also made me think about all of the horrible things guys say to girls. I mean, come on – girls aren’t the only ones who can say rude and insensitive things when it comes to dating. Guys definitely can too.

Here are 9 of the worst things guys can say to a girl, according to Reddit users.

1. ‘Girls Don’t Ever Like Nice Guys’

DON’T. Girls hate when guys say stuff like, “Girls never like nice guys. They only go for jerks.” That’s totally wrong. I’m not so sure girls are that stupid to only pick guys who treat them badly. Please stop. You sound so incredibly immature and self-centered. It’s such a turn-off. And you don’t even sound that nice!

2. Anything Concerning The Term ‘Friendzone’

Friendzone shouldn’t even be a term. A girl doesn’t have to be interested in a guy romantically! Stop complaining about how she “friendzoned” you.

3. ‘You Need To Relax’

I’ve found that a lot of dudes don’t know how to deal with a girl when she gets emotional. So instead of speaking like a mature person, they say things like, “Calm down,” or “You’re overreacting.” It’s insulting, because it’s like you’re saying her feelings don’t matter.

4. ‘You Should Smile More!’

Don’t tell me to smile. Why? Because she doesn’t have to if she doesn’t want.

5. ‘I Hate Drama’

First of all, I don’t think anyone really likes drama. Second of all, the person who is in a rush to point out how much they don’t like it is usually the person who is surrounded by drama.

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6. When You Say How Much Of A Man You Are

UGH, stop. If you have to tell her that you’re a “man,” you’re probably not. Also, what is a real man, exactly? I bet you don’t even know.

7. Bragging About How Many People You’ve Slept With

Some guys think it’s cool to brag about how many girls they’ve been with. Those guys are seriously lame. No one cares. I promise. And that’s even a turn of on its own.

8. Anything That Implies Cheating

Telling any girl you’re willing to cheat on your girlfriend for her isn’t sexy… it’s gross.

9. When They Say They Want ‘Natural’ Girls

Everyone has their own physical preferences, and that’s fine. I get it. But It’s wrong to automatically dismiss girls just because they’re wearing a lot of makeup. It’s none of your business how much makeup she wears!

So, girls, what have I missed out? Let’s teach these dudes some etiquette. You might want to add to the list. Use the comments.

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  1. I love you so much. That’s the craziest thing guys say. But guess what? It’s all lies, we know what they want

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