A student who asked a girl out on a date via a handwritten note in the style of a WhatsApp message has spoken of his surprise after it went viral.

Alfonso, a student at Southampton, made the offer to Naomi Lucking in the university library.

She turned down his request for a coffee, but his creative effort has led to other date offers after she tweeted his handiwork.

He called the reaction a “really great experience”.

Her tweet, which was shared more than 30,000 times, said:

Some guy in the library gave me this and it was the most awkward experience of my life.

10/10 for creativity though.

The message reads:

Sorry to disturb your studies, but I really need to ask… would you like to have a coffee with me someday?

The note gave two possible replies: “Sure! Why not? Life is short,” and “No thanks! I have a 7ft tall boyfriend.”

Naomi later tweeted:

I just laughed and said ‘actually he’s 6ft 3’.

Alfonso gave the reason why he invented that really cool way of making his intentions known:

I wasn’t supposed to talk to someone because it was a quiet room, so I thought about doing something creative.

I really wanted to do it in an original way. She was using her phone and I thought she can pay attention to this and not to her phone.

I had been studying there for awhile because this Masters is so hard, and she was really pretty, and I thought why not try it.


Naomi also thought….

….the effort was great, definitely the most creative way anyone’s ever asked me on a date. But I don’t think I would reconsider his offer, mainly because I have a boyfriend, but judging by Twitter there are a good 30,000 people who would.

This is a solid example that creativity and originality ALWAYS win. I sure hope this is not giving you any ideas – yes you…you reading this.

Source: BBC