Chances are you’re going to date, well, maybe a lot of different people in your lifetime. Some people get lucky and find the person they’re going to marry in their high school sweetheart or after dating one other person. But I think the majority of us will date a few partners before finding the “right” fit, you know?

Dating different people helps you figure out what you really want, so when you do find that person who clicks, it’s awesome. Check out the different types of relationships you’ll have:

The First Love

This is true love and you know it deep in your soul. You may or may not end up together, but you’ll always love them.

The One With All The Fights

Occasional fighting in relationships is totally normal, but fighting all day every day is not. You’re probably going to be in a relationship where you literally fight about everything, no matter how stupid.

The Clingy One

You’re bound to date someone who is just WAY too attached and who is clingy to no end.

The Distant One

You’re dating but you might as well not be because you barely talk or see each other.

The Sex Overwhelmed One

There’s really not much to this relationship except sex. All that this person wants is sex. And the bad news is that this is what almost every relationship tagged “Dating” is all about. So if you don’t want sex, you should avoid dating until you are well mature enough.

The Toxic One

You both pretty much hate each other but can’t seem to end it. You’re unhappy and just can’t let go.

The On-Off One

You break up and get back together approximately five times a week.