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The Rains Are Here! How To Protect Yourself From Raining Season Illnesses

If you have been coughing and wheezing lately, you may have contracted one of the illnesses that come along with the rainy season.

After months of experiencing the scorching heat of the sun, the first showers of rain in the year brought relief to many; however, the downpour could pose some challenges to health.

Scientists say the rainy season invites lots of illnesses and infections which include cold, flu, diarrhoea and some other water-borne and air-borne diseases.

Chest physician, Dr. Anthony Anisuba, identifies the sudden change in temperature and the presence of air and water impurities in the environment as factors that increase fever and other respiratory infections this time of the year.

Anisuba states, “The air and water in our homes and environment are likely to be contaminated and polluted this period more than ever before. When one inhales or ingests these impurities and germs, they weaken the body’s antibodies.

Here are tips from Doctors to help you and your family prevent rainy season illnesses.

Wear protective gear

When you are going out, you should be prepared and well geared so that even if you are caught in rain, you do not get drenched.

When rain starts pouring in, you first look for a shelter and try to save yourself from getting drenched. However, a shelter can save you from getting wet in rain, but it will not protect you from catching any kind of infection. This is especially when your immune system is very low.

Drink purified water

To save yourself from water-borne diseases, try to purify the drinking water up to the maximum level. There are many new and improved water filters available in the market. They are economical and useful. If you do not have any water purifying system at home, you should buy one of these this rainy season. You can also drink boiled water in the absence of water filter to get somewhat relief from infections.

Take extra care

Anisuba says though no one wants to get sick, if anyone falls ill, they should visit the doctor if the cold or flu persists even after 24 hours.

Stay clean 

If the cause of disease is lack of cleanliness either inside or outside the house, get it rectified first. Cleanliness in every aspect is extremely important during rainy season.

Avoid eating outside, stay fit 

It is good to eat easily digestible food items in this season. Avoid eating out at all costs. Increase intake of green vegetables and fruits. Try to make your life disciplined and exercise for at least 30 minutes daily. This will help you keep away many diseases.

Wash the rain away

If you are caught in rains and get drenched, you should take bath after getting home and get your hair and body dry completely. Wear dry and clean clothes and if you have been in rain for more time, drink some hot drink, preferably hot milk, soup or so. This will save you from catching cold.

Also, when a person is sick, he or she might feel depressed and so you can put on light, soothing music so that it helps them feel relaxed.

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