I like the way Seun cleans up, says Ginika.

I just love the way you stylishly combine colours, you always get it right; did you invent the colour wheel? Farida asks Chiboy.

I have NEVER seen Tunde wear belt and shoes of contrasting colours, his shoes are to die for. And his swag? It’s out of this world! He’s a dream! confesses Chinemerem.

Yes. The clothes you choose to wear are as much a part of your image as how you carry yourself, and so on. So can clothes attract girls to boys? Absolutely! If your style catches her eye, she’ll be more likely to want to get to know you better. However, the key is to choose a style that you feel comfortable in, and that makes you look well put together. Tips for making it work in the long run:

  • Stay within your budget. This simply means that you shouldn’t go for things you cannot afford.
  • Don’t dress like someone else for the sake of dressing like “them” because they attract girls, or for a certain girl; only dress in the clothes that make you feel like yourself. This concept excludes special occasions where there are specific dress codes.
  • You could try dressing in a certain way to catch a girl’s eye, but first ask yourself:  How long will I feel comfortable keeping up with this image? Also, how different is it from my current image?
  • Ensure that you look like you put some thought and effort into what you are wearing. Make sure your clothes are clean, relatively wrinkle-free – I know ironing can be a pain, but it’s worth it – and that they match.
  • If you are dressing up for formal occasions, take special care to make sure that your belt and shoes match. And if you are wearing a tie, ensure that it complements your shirt, and trousers choices. But if you are going for a more casual look, this rule does not necessarily apply.
  • If you are wearing jewelry, make sure it’s all in the same tone (silver chain wristwatch should be paired with a silver necklace, and gold for gold)
  • Make sure the style of the outfit matches from top to bottom (not necessarily the colour!). If your look is cohesive and well-kept, you will be more likely to attract a girl no matter what your general style is.

While it is true that your clothing choices can help attract girls, it’s more important to choose the clothing styles you feel most comfortable and confident in. Making yourself feel great about what you are wearing will give you the confidence and energy that naturally attracts girls to you.

You can use colour to give an extra boost of influence; but overall, simply choosing the clothing that makes you feel your most attractive will do the trick better than dressing any certain way to attract girls. Again, originality and a deep respect for yourself always win. Own them!