Students sometimes don’t feel like studying simply because they are not in mood to study. This is a common problem among students because if they failed to review or do their homework, they will probably obtain low grade the following day in their class that can affect their final grades.

So it is important for students to know how to get in the mood to study.

Personal and time-tested mood boosters are so easy and it will help to lift your mood whenever you are sluggish and don’t feel good.

  • Relax and eat something you like:
    Before doing the things that you really don’t feel like doing today, why not relax a bit by doing some breathing exercises? Look for something green like trees, plants or even a nature inspired painting to lift your sluggishness.
  • Eat a light snack or eat something that you like: ice cream or a chocolate bar or your favorite fruits.
  • Be optimistic and prioritize:
    Don’t worry that you can not finish all your loads today. Instead, focus your effort in the stuffs that you need to accomplish first—those that you need to finish today for your tomorrow’s classes. And if you have extra time later, do the next important thing.