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    This is an issue that I have been trying to fight for a long time. According to some girls, if you don’t have a gorgeous body then you are no beautiful.
    I personally don’t think I have a gorgeous body and because I don’t have one I am judged for it. It is not fair to girls who don’t have large boobs or mad hips or a large behind. These girls are discriminated.
    Girls need to learn that these days it is the mind that will take them far and not their looks or outward appearance .
    Many girls as well are obsessed with trying to get what they do not have and sell themselves cheaply.
    You don’t have to be extremely beautiful to know you’re special .
    You are wonderful just the way you are . You are unique because there is only one you in this entire universe.
    Stop worrying about what you look like and start worrying about how to make your life better.

  • Victor kachi
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    Nice Post

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