Passnownow.com’s VOLUNTEER TO TEACH drive is targeted at Educated Working Class People who feel passionate about contributing to the transformation of Nigeria’s Education System and believe that Citizens have to play their role by taking the lead in a way that calls the conscience of Government to action. We are therefore soliciting the support of Nigerians who are willing to spend as much time as they can {minimum of an hour, no maximum limit} teaching our Students {FREE} who are majorly teens and secondary school students with many of them preparing for WAEC, JAMB and NECO. Aside from core School work, you can also teach any extra curricula content that you consider useful and empowering for Young people of teenage. Please be kind to note that such content must not be harmful, misleading, vulgar or demeaning.

As Volunteers, our PVees {short for Passnownow.com Volunteers} will be expected to choose subject/s of interest, preferably one in which you have deep knowledge of and are well versed, announce it on your Passnownow.com Storyboard and come to passnownow.com to teach as scheduled. Please just note that your volunteerism can change the life of one child and who knows what that child will become in Future. Just do your bit and leave the rest. Our Students are not only willing to learn and improve ther grades, they are very enthusiastic about passing their Exams and going on to University.

The steps are simple and you can register right away with the form below with your name, phone number, email address, current job position and subject of interest and then set up your Passnownow.com Storyboard with whatever photograph or info you will like people to see of you. We will respond to you and finalise the modalties for you to begin this exciting responsibility immediately.

We thank you very much indeed. You have no idea how grateful we feel to be working with you on this.

The Passnownow.com Team.