Mysterious ailment has already claimed the lives of 5 students of Kanta Unity College, Argungu, Kebbi State.

According to ‘The Leadership’, one of the students who pleaded anonymity said:

“We believe that the death of our colleagues is an attack by evil spirits. We were cleaning our school environment recently when we heard a strange voice in the fire we set to rubbish, telling us to be ready to face the music for what the strange voice called ‘intruding into their vicinity’.”

The scared young man continued that after the mentioned incident, students started falling sick under strange circumstances, with blood gushing out of their mouths and noses, leading to their death.

Local authorities have reportedly closed down the college to find out the cause of the mysterious disease outbreak, noting that the institution will be renovated during the shut-down period.

According to the state Commissioner of Education the students will be transported on exchange programme back to their respective states.