What  Love Is Not 

1. Love is not what You feel in an initial attraction

There is something amazing that people feel in those early stages of attraction. We all have had those feelings … and they are addictive.

Scientists and researchers know that there is truly a change in brain chemistry that produces the euphoria and thrill that some get from drugs.  As with all drugs, those feelings do wear off and so this is not a reliable meter of real love … even though it sure feels wonderful.

 2. True love does not keep you awake at night, thinking about the object of your desire or send chills through your body when just the thought of him or her enters your head.

A change in brain chemistry does that.

3. Love is not Lust

Lust is a very strong sexual desire for someone or something.  It is a power that draws a person into submission of something of this world, like sexual desires, gluttony, pride, power, and draws them away from the love of God. Lust is always selfish, it always hurts God first, then the person with the desire, and the others who are left behind.

4. Love is not just a feeling that you sense in your heart and soul, it is so strong that you know you have found the right person.

There is so much more to true love than a feeling, especially the one that occurs in the first few months of any relationship. That certainly happens in most marriages; however, those feelings can be very wrong and can be more of lust or infatuation than a deep, intimate understanding of another person.

5. Love isn’t perfect

Simple, right? Not always. You’d like to think that when you find your true love, finally, everything will go as planned. Don’t count on it. Even your perfect mate will hurt you. And you’ll hurt her. And hopefully not in ways that are irreparable. If she really is the one for you, make room for her mistakes.

6. Love is not looking for fulfillment in another person.

Each person has to look within themselves to be fulfilled.