A teenage girl took her own life at a house party after being tormented about her looks by bullies, friends say.

Sarah Clerkson was found hanged in a bedroom and despite efforts by the party host to revive her, she died later in hospital.

Facebook tributes to the 14-year-old indicate she had suffered for some time at the hands of bullies.

One poster, Denise Burnikell, said: ‘That is why she would get bullied, because she is stunning, jealousy is a terrible thing.

‘The bullies who did this should come forward and take their punishment. Everyone’s (sic) sympathy goes to her family, they must be heartbroken. If people know who is responsible for this they should name and shame them.’

Another posted: ‘I can’t understand in this day and age how bullies get away with this, surely in a court of law this should be manslaughter, as this poor girl was driven to take her own life, someone should be liable, surely!’

Sarah was put to bed sick at the party in Spennymoor, Co Durham, on Saturday night.

Host John Moore, 16, said they became worried about her shortly after midnight. They knocked on the bedroom door, got no reply, and so kicked it down.

‘I began to give CPR under instruction over the phone from the ambulance service,’ he said.

‘Then a police officer arrived and he took over the CPR until the paramedics got there.’

John said there was alcohol but no drugs at the party. There were about seven people there to celebrate a friend getting a job.