3 Success Tips From a Billionaire Entrepreneur To Young Entrepreneurs

Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks (I bet you know them!) believes that kids should start learning about entrepreneurship from a young age. This much he said in an interview published on entrepreneur.com

In his experience with kids and their approach to entrepreneurship, he says:

…I get more questions from kids or from […]

See How the Height of Buildings Have Changed in Over 4,000 Years of Human History (PHOTOS)

Buildings were not always as tall as we have them today. Improved scientific methods and better innovations in building technology have made it possible for building to go high, and up above the world.

Take a look at the progression in the height of buildings from more than four thousand years ago […]

If You Have Ever Sat For Exams, These 6 Scenarios Will Sure Make You Laugh (GIF Images)

Examinations. Ah! that dreaded period of the school year, when no matter how much you think have studied you never feel completely prepared. This is the reason why you and everyone who have ever sat exams will laugh at these scenarios because they are so real!

See the 6

1. When […]

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The World’s Third Richest Man Wants You To Do These With Your Money

What does one do with money? Spend it of course! is your most likely reply. While spending on yourself isn’t a shabby idea, there’s an even better idea. Increase your wealth and have so much more to spend!!

But how does one go about doing this? Simply Invest, invest, and invest some […]

Grammar Clinic: The REAL difference between ADVICE and ADVISE

Advice and advise do not only have different meanings, but are also pronounced differently. Advise is a verb, and advice is a noun. So advice is what is given, while the act of giving advice is called advising (or to advise).

Differences in usage and meaning

Advice is a noun. It […]

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Classwork Series and Exercises – {Civic Education}: Orderliness

Civic Education, SS 2, Week 6

Topic: Orderliness


Meaning of Orderliness
Examples of orderliness
Roles of Orderliness in the Society

Meaning of Orderliness

Orderliness can be defined as the art of doing things in a peaceful orderly manner. It is the act by which things are arranged in a proper, neat […]


Chemistry SS 2 Week 4

Topic: Nitrogen Family


The nitrogen family includes the following compounds: nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), arsenic (As), antimony (Sb), and bismuth (Bi).

All Group 5 elements have the electron configuration ns2np3 in their outer shell, where n is equal to the principal quantum number. The nitrogen […]

Classwork Series and Exercises (Physics – SS2): Dispersion of White Light



Dispersion is the splitting up of white light into seven colours on passing through a transparent medium like a glass prism. When a white light beam is passed through a prism, a band of seven colors are formed is known as spectrum of white light. The […]

Do Sharks Lay Eggs or Give Birth to Their Young Alive?

According to about.com, sharks have a variety of reproductive strategies, which can be divided into two main groups – those that lay eggs (oviparity), and those that give birth to their young alive (viviparity).

All sharks mate through internal fertilization. The male inserts one or both of his claspers (comparable in function to […]

Brain Teaser: What Am I?

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