5 Lessons Every Entrepreneur Can Learn From the Mistakes of Others

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it”, said George Santayana. It is in this vein that we shall look at 5 lessons that can be learnt from the experience of others – those who have come before you, and who have successfully skirted the challenges you will face. 

1. Learn […]

Is Schooling Really A Game?

You must accept the fact that school is a game, but it’s a very important game: Whenever school is seen as a game, it produces a relaxed mindset knowing you are free from vulnerability. The word game suggests freedom from responsibility. It implies a spirit of sportsmanship, which implies exciting race running and […]

What Will It Take For You To Be Wealthy? Your Answer May Be Absolutely Wrong!

You, like most others may believe that the key to wealth is a high-paying job. Am I right? You may have often heard people talk about how “if they land that big oil company job, they will be set for life.” While earning more money will certainly make it easier for you to […]

Six Exciting Truths About Teenagehood

Hello there. Do you realize that your teenagehood isn’t just about the acne on your face neither is it about the angst/frustration you feel. As you busy yourself taking risks, talking back to our parents, trying out new things and meeting societal demands, it’s important that you bear in mind that there is […]

Is It Proper To Talk To My Teachers About Personal Stuff?

At times you may want to talk about general stressful things that are going on in your life, especially with someone outside your family. Talking to a counsellor would have been just nice, only that some schools  do not have this provision. Would it then be proper to talk to teachers you really […]

What Should I Do If My Parents Argue?

Have you ever been in this awkward position where your parents argue? Have you perhaps been conflicted about what to do? Should I take sides, or not?  How can I respect my parents when it appears they don’t respect each other? you ask.

Obviously, you love your parents and it is quite […]

A Look Into the History Of Nigeria’s Independence

In another week, Nigerians will be commemorating Independence Day – on October 1 – for it was on this day in 1960 that the country got her independence from Great Britain. But how did Nigeria come to be a British colony? What was life like for the indigenous people before colonisation? And how […]


SS 1 First Term Mathematics Week 1


It is possible to use any number as a base in building a numeral system. The number of unit used in the system is always equal to the base.

Decimal/Denary Base 10-Digits  Quinary

Decimal/DenaryBase 10-Digits
QuinaryBase 5-Digits
BinaryBase […]

Find Out About The Types Of Memories That Exist!

I deem it necessary to let you be in the know of the memory types that there is from the get-go so you can learn to harness its potentials effectively.

First of the list is 1.) Procedural memory which is the memory of knowing how to do things, followed by the, 2.)Propositional memory which is the […]

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Chukwudi’s Diary: The Dangers I Exposed Myself To

As a young boy, I was very stubborn. Maybe it’s because my beloved mother had died prematurely while birthing my brother Okorie, an incident that made me to loose interest in everything. The only way I knew how to mourn her loss was to be stubborn. And believe me when I say that […]

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