Want To Type Emojis On a Computer Keyboard? Here’s How.

One day in the very near future, I’m sure that an exam question will read:  Without Emojis, life would be —, or Fish is to water as Emojis are to —.

What would we do without Emojis? Without saying or typing a word, we can show others what we think […]

Classwork Series And Exercises {Agriculture – JSS1}: CLASSIFICATION OF CROPS BASED ON LIFE CYCLE

Agriculture JSS1


Classification of Crops based on Life cycle and Uses

Crops plants are classified based on three criteria which are;

Botanical classification – Based on generic and specific names
Agricultural classification – Based on the uses or important of crops to man and […]

Classwork Series and Exercises {Government – SS3}: Weaknesses of the Military Regime in Nigeria


Topic:  Weaknesses of Military Regime in Nigeria

Incompetence or inexperienced personnel: The military regime constituted military personnel who lacked administrative and political experience to govern.
Non-tolerance to criticism: the military government does not tolerate criticism.
Dictatorship: All military administrations are dictators.
Independence of the judiciary: It was sometimes not guaranteed which rendered the judiciary powerless.
The Nigerian civil war: The […]

Classwork Series and Exercises {Civic Education – SS2}: Drugs and Drug Abuse


TOPIC: Drugs and Drug Abuse


Symptoms of Drug Abuse
Types of Drugs and how they can be abused
Causes of Drug Abuse
Effects of Drug Abuse
Curbing Drug Abuse

Definition Of Drug:

The World Health Organization defines Drug as any substance other than those required for the maintenance of normal health […]

LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT: Is Your Brain Playing Tricks on You?

Have you ever seen someone and instantly felt attracted to every part of them, including their personality (even though you haven’t even talked to them yet)? Wait a minute, just before you call it love at first sight, I should let you know that psychologists call this the attractiveness halo effect. This is […]

Could You Really Live on Another Planet Other Than Earth?

Where would you go if you could choose to live on a planet other than Earth? Are you thinking Mars?

BBC iWonder tells us that scientists predict there may be about 40 billion Earth-like planets in the Milky Way, yes 40 billion! Yet, the Milky Way is just one galaxy out of countless […]

Fun Things to Do this Weekend that Cost Nothing!

When you are out with your peers, you probably will want to do some fun things with a friend. Even at home, a teen will still probably want something more to do with his friends than just sit around.

There are many fun things to do with a friend, depending on […]

BUSH BABY: The Cries of a Creature Claimed By Some To Be Very Deadly

Have you heard anything about the legend of the bush baby? There are so many of such stories that it seems like one long continuation of the same story, it appears that where one ends, the other begins.

And as a secondary school student in 2001, I remember a friend recount […]

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4 Reasons Students Fear Examinations

Most students regularly become excessively nervous before and during an exam. If you are that type of student, you may have “testophobia”. It is mostly called “examinophobia” or “exam fever”. It is a very common phenomenon among students most especially when an important examination is at their door step. It is disheartening that exam […]

Duties and Problems Of Electoral Commission

Organisation of the Electoral Commission

The Electoral Commission is headed by a Chairman appointed by the government. The Chairman oversees the work of the Commission and the activities of the members. The Chairman disciplines erring or disobedient staff and ensures the prosecution of anybody who committed electoral offences. The Chairman interprets the […]

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