5 Awesome Qualities of People Born in May

Welcome to the fifth month! Many people believe they’re born lucky. And some think they’re not. If you’re born in may, Here are 5 qualities that will make you believe you’re one of the lucky people.

1. Luck 

After a short experiment at the Edinburgh International Science Festival involving 40,000 people, Prof Wiseman, a […]

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Do You Know Your Angles From Acute to Reflex?

Let’s do a little brain test right this moment. Without prior notice or recourse to a material on angles, can you mention the different angles there are, and what defines them?

Whether yes or no, scroll down to see how well you did or how much you need to know.

1. […]

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Civic Education – Self Employment

Civic Education, JSS 3, Week 6

Topic: Self Employment


Meaning of Self employment
The need for self employment
Self employment project

Meaning of Self Employment

It is a means of being your own boss; self employment can be defined as a situation in which an individual works for himself or herself […]

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Literature: Introduction to non African Poem (Daffodils)

Literature in English, SS 2, Week 8

Topic: Introduction to Non African Poem

E.g (Daffodils)

Daffodils was written by the author, William Woodsworth

Background of the Poet

William Wordsworth was born in Cumberland England in 1770. He was educated both in Cumberland and Cambridge, most […]

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Classwork Series and Exercises {Basic Science- JSS1}: Family Health and Cleanliness

 Family, Health and Cleanliness

A family is a group consisting of one or two parents and their children while health is the condition of a person’s body or mind. The three levels of health are low, average and high or […]

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Computer: Application Software Packages


Application software is any tool that functions and is operated by the means of a computer with the purpose of supporting or improving the software user’s work. It is used for the implementation of the computer user’s work.


It is divided into two which […]

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Pre-colonial Political Systems In Nigeria (Igbo Traditional System)

The Igbo Traditional Political System

Nri in Anambra state is regarded as the ancestral home of the Igbos. In Nigeria the Igbos generally occupied the former Eastern Region and a part of the Mid Western region. The Igbos generally had no Kings or Chiefs (i.e. Igbos enwe-Eze). However few towns like Onitsha […]

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Classwork Exercise and Series (Agric Science- SS2): Farm Survey

Survey and Planning of farmsteads

Farm surveying is the process of measuring and mapping out the position, height, size and boundary of an area of farmland.

Surveying generally, is the act of making measurements of the relative positions of the natural and man made features on the earth surfaces and […]

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Grammar Clinic: Phrases

A Phrase is a small group of related words within a sentence or clause. A phrase functions as a part of speech and includes a head (or headword), which determines the nature of the unit.

Principal Types of Phrases:

1. Adjective Phrase: A word group with an adjective as its head. This adjective may be accompanied […]

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Do You Know Your Traffic Signs?

Civic Education, SS 1, Week 7

Topic: Traffic Regulation


Meaning of Traffic Regulation
Some Traffic Regulations
Road signs

Meaning of Traffic Regulation

Traffic regulation can be defined as the rules and regulations which guide the behavior or action of road users. This is in place in order to prevent accidents and […]

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