World Teachers’ Day 2015: A Look At What Classrooms Look Like All Around The World

In case you haven’t observed, or perhaps you’ve forgotten, today is World Teachers’ Day!

The slogan for this World Teachers’ Day 2015 — celebrated each year on Oct. 5 since 1994 — is “Empowering teachers, building sustainable societies.” Reuters photographers combed the planet to document the learning environments for students in resource-rich […]

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Classwork Series and Exercise (Physical Health Education- JSS3): Types of Swimmer

Types of Swimmers

Distressed swimmers: They have trouble swimming, perhaps from fatigue, and may or may not be calling out for help. Lifeguards usually swim out and help these swimmers to the side. They may or may not require additional assistance.

Normal swimmers (Healthy swimmers) are those who do not need any support and can swim on […]

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Classwork Series and Exercise (Computer Science- JSS2): Units Of Storage In Computer

Units Of Storage In Computer

The most common unit of storage in computer is called a byte which is equal to 8 bits. A computer memory is made up of millions of bytes. All data and information fed into a computer, as well as the program that comes preloaded are stored in […]

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The Coolest Private Secondary Schools In Edo State

The top private secondary schools located in Edo state are listed below, with addresses, contacts and websites.

University Preparatory Secondary School

Garrick Layout, Off Siluko Road,

P. O. Box 1059,

Benin City,

Edo State, Nigeria

Phone: +23480 5196 6428, +23470 3331 2083, +23481 2283 0446

Email: [email protected]


Word of Faith Schools

No. 3, Faith Way off Anglican Girls Grammar School Road,

(Upper Adesuwa) G.R.A.,

Benin City.

Email: [email protected]


University of Benin Demonstration Secondary […]

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Grammar Clinic: The REAL difference between LIE IN BED and LIE ON THE BED

“Lie in bed” literally means to sleep; it means to lie under the covers between the top sheet and the bottom sheet. It is generally about the usual bed one sleeps in.

Example: All he does is to lie in bed all day. Doesn’t he get bored?

It’s possible to “lie […]

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3 words you need to stop saying as a Teenager

If you want to instantly sound smarter, all you have to do is kick these words from your vocabulary!

1. Irregardless

This word tends to get used by teens trying their best to sound smart, but more often than not, has the opposite effect. Why someone felt the need for the […]

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How To Know if it’s Really True Love

This article is not giving tips on how to know if your boyfriend or girlfriend truly loves you. Rather, it focuses on you. This article challenges you to ask yourself this sincere question – ‘Is it true love I have for him/her?’ Many teenagers, (even some adults) cannot tell whether the feelings they […]

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Photo of The Day: Happy Teachers Day!

Teaching is the profession that teaches all the other professions. Teachers affect eternity; they can never tell where their influence stops,  don’t miss this golden opportunity to express your heartfelt and warm gratitude to them.

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Classwork Exercise and Series (Literature In English- SS1): Concept Of Prose

Definition Of Prose

A prose is a long narrative with a wide range of characters, events, experiences, written in a straight forward language. The main character in a prose work is the protagonist. The chief character who opposes the main character is called antagonist.

Prose man/Prosiest/Novelist: The writer of a prose work.

Types of characters

Flat character: flat character […]

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Effective Strategies for Teaching Vocabulary


The Common Core Standards focus heavily on teaching a rich and varied vocabulary. It is expected that, in addition to teaching vocabulary through a wide reading of literature and informational texts, teachers will implement a rigorous programme […]

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