The Legend of Bloody Mary: Beware the Type of Games You Play!

Most people say the Legend of Mary Worth is simply what it is – a scary story that someone came up with -, yet others claim that it really did happen – maybe not to them directly – but to someone they know, and here is the story as told by Annalise, I […]

For Boys: My Body is Changing, Tell Me What is Happening

The onset of puberty—the stage of life in which you become physically mature—is a period when you enter one of life’s greatest transitions. In a sense, you’re moving to a whole new “neighborhood.” The name of which is called Adulthood

But the move to adulthood can bring about mixed feelings, and it […]

Classwork Exercise and Series (Mathematics -JSS2): WHOLE NUMBERS

JSS 2 Mathematics First Term Week 1


Factors, Prime factors (revision)

40 ÷ 8 = 5 and 40 ÷ 5 = 8

8 and 5 divide into 40 without remainder.

8 and 5 are factors of 40.

A prime number has only two factors, […]

Civic Education – Responsible Parenthood

Civic Education, SS 1, Week 5

Topic: Responsible Parenthood


Meaning of Responsible parenthood
The qualities of responsible parenthood
Factors to be considered in choosing a partner
Basic concept in responsible parenthood
Duties of responsible parenthood

Meaning of Responsible Parenthood

A responsible parenthood is simply defined as the “will” and ability of parents to […]

Classwork Exercise and Series ( Christian Religious Knowledge-JSS1): THE VIEW OF SCIENCE ABOUT CREATION

Christian Religious Knowledge JSS1

Week 5




The evolution of living organism is known as organic evolution. It is broadly the sum total of adaptive changes that has taken place over a long period of time. It leads to the development […]

Grammar Clinic: The REAL difference between EITHER and NEITHER

It is important to understand the difference between ‘either’ and ‘neither’ so that we don’t get confused between the two. Both words can be used as pronoun, conjunction and adjective; however, the use of ‘either’ is considered positive, while the use of ‘neither’ is considered negative.

As adjective:

‘Either’ indicates one […]

Classwork Exercise and Series ( Basic Technology-JSS3): Career Prospects and Opportunities in Technology

 Basic Technology, JSS 3, Week: 1

Topic: Career Prospects and Opportunities in Technology


Technology is a family of professions. It involves artisans, craftsmen, technicians, engineers and scientists, all these professions are involved in the developments and production of the different products of technology that we are enjoying today.

Classwork Exercise and Series ( Financial Accounting-SS2): Depreciation of Fixed Asset

 Financial Accounting, SS 2, Week 3

Topic: Depreciation of Fixed Asset   


Meaning of Asset
Meaning of depreciation
Reasons for depreciation
Element of depreciation 
Methods of  calculating depreciation of Asset                                                     

Meaning of Asset

An asset can be defined as an object which has a longer life span […]

Too much time indoors damages your eyes, study reveals

Climbing trees and spending hours playing outside used to be part of every childhood. But today’s youngsters are more likely to be stuck indoors – and it may be harming their eyesight.

And it is not just because of the time spent sitting in front of a screen. For a lack of […]

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The Real Reasons Students Get Bored In Class And The Way Out

Are you often bored in class and cannot wait for school to be over? Are the subjects too hard, the classes too crowded or the teachers too uncaring?

Why Are You Bored?

This first step usually involves asking why you feel this way. Four of the main reasons students complain of being bored […]

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