To Successful Entrepreneurs, the Word NO Simply Does Not Exist

If there is something that successful entrepreneurs know, it is that the word No doesn’t mean No forever. 

In one of the episodes on Shark Tank, a reality pitch show on the American cable station, ABC; billionaire investor Mark Cuban called one of the entrepreneurs, Chris Johnson, who had come […]

Don’t Want To Surrender? Then Don’t Put Up a White Flag!

I won’t go down with this ship; I won’t put my hands up and surrender; there will be no white flag above my door; I’m in love and always will be.

A popular musician once sang the lyrics quoted above to a sad song about her crush for a guy. The focus […]

When Is the Right Age To Start Wearing Make Up?

I am confessing straight up from the get-go, I am a guy, and know as much about make up as a pig knows about flying! So, I have asked around from girls – women if you like – and they have this to say. Whatever their verdict, blame it on the girls!

GTBank 2016 SKS Children’s Essay Competition

GTBank SKS Children’s Essay Competition

This competition is sponsored by GTBank. All Secondary School Students of all levels can apply and Primary school students too.

Essay Topic: 
Primary school: Write a 100-word essay on ‘my last holiday’
Junior Secondary school: Write a 200-word essay on ‘looking forward to a new session’
Senior Secondary school: Write a […]


Christian Religious Knowledge JSS1

Week 9




Reconciliation is defined as the act of finding a satisfactory way of dealing with  or settling an argument or disagreement. The ultimate aim of reconciliation is to make people become friends again after an […]

DStv Eutelsat Award for African Secondary School Students with Interest in Technology 2016

Brief description: 

The DStv Eutelsat Star Awards are calling all science and technology fans between 14 and 19 to be inspired to write a creative essay or design a poster based on the following topic: “Take yourself into the future as a scientist, tasked with designing a new-age satellite that will help improve the lives […]

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Classwork Series and Exercises {English Language – SS1}: Countable/Uncountable Nouns and Diphthongs

English Language SS1

Week 3


Structure: Countable and Uncountable Nouns

Spoken English: Diphthongs


A. Countable and Uncountable Nouns

In your junior secondary school course, you have learned that there are two types of common noun – countable and uncountable. E.g. table, dog, house are […]

Classwork Series and Exercises {Economics – SS2}: Market Structure

Economics, SS2, Week 5

Topic: Market Structure


Definition of Market
Types of Market
Perfect Market and Imperfect Market

Meaning of Market

Market is a point of contact, place or any means of communication where sellers and buyers can communicate with one another, to exchange goods and services […]

10 Amazing Facts About The Human Body

Our body is amazing. It has lots of mysteries and capabilities even beyond the knowledge of scientists and doctors. In this post, we are going to list 10 amazing facts about human body.

10: Every atom of our body is said to be billions of years old and our body is about […]

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Nouns/Noun Phrases and Skill Focus: How to study a Text

English Language SS3 First Term
Week 2

Structure: Revision of Nouns and Noun Phrases

Skill Focus: How to study a Text

Spoken English: Revision /ə/ and /i/

A. Structure: Revision of Nouns and Noun Phrases

a. Nouns: Singular and Plural

More words belong to the noun class than to any other class. […]

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