Borno Schools Get Empowered For Productivity

As we may well know, the activities of Boko Haram has in recent past wrecked immense havoc across most villages, small towns and cities in the North-East Region of Nigeria.  This catastrophe is most pronounced in Borno State, affecting many schools and causing them to close down as both Students and Teachers […]

Secondary school students to now offer History Come 2017!

Not too long ago, controversy trailed the scrapping of History from the Academic Curriculum for Schools across Nigeria. The reason for this was that History is supposedly less important; incapable of contributing to National Growth. But this perspective as was expressed by the “Lawmakers” who called for the scrapping of the subject is […]

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Our Take On Sokoto State’s Right To Education Bill

We are very impressed with the many good news about Education of recent. From news about the Rivers State Government that has promised to intensify investment efforts towards fostering development in the Education Sector and ensuring holistic youth development to the Wife of the Vice President of Nigeria calling for safer learning conditions […]

Are You In The Right Kind Of Friendship?

We all make friends every now and then. To some, making friends is easy while to others it can be quite difficult. Whatever the case, we all meet new people every time and get to befriend them. It starts from early childhood, crèche specifically, when we meet and play with other toddlers during […]

Tips To Help Parents Facilitate Teenagers’ Brain Development

Parents do a lot of nice things for their children, ensuring that they grow up healthy and become successful in life. They work so hard to put nutritious meals on the table, send their children to good schools their pockets can afford and then purchase good clothes to for their kids so that […]

Teens! Here are 4 Tips to Guide You on How Best to Obey Your Parents

According to Kelli Mahoney, Obeying your parents is one of the most difficult things to do as a teenager. This is a time that you want to spread your wings and do things on your own. You want your independence, and you want to prove you can be a responsible adult. Yet there […]

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Learn 7 Ways to Avoid Sleeping During Class

Education is the bedrock of any successfully nation as someone rightly said  but unfortunately, in many schools today, many student place less value to education sometimes because they are bored by the subjects taught or by the teacher teaching, whatever the case maybe, it is not ideal to waste the opportunities education offers […]

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How You Can Be a Punctual Student

It is often said that, Punctuality is the sole of business, what that means is that anyone who desires to succeed in life must embrace punctuality. As a student, you must model this now that you are young so that when you grow, it would have been the best habit you have built.

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6 Steps You Can Take to Avoid Sleeping While Studying

Time and time again, you have heard it echoed that, you cannot cheat nature so when you find yourself sleeping while studying, you whisper to yourself, “I cannot cheat nature”.

It is not easy to man up with the discipline to sustain study times especially when your colleagues are in the same […]

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 Apply for the Reach Cambridge Summer Scholarship Essay Competition 2017

The Reach Cambridge Summer scholarship essay competition is designed for academically excellent high school students aged between 14 and 18 who would otherwise not be able to attend the School’s summer programmes. Please note that this scholarship competition is not for application to the University of Cambridge.

Essay Topic:

“What do […]

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