An Explanation Of How Successful Entrepreneurs Make Their Money

Entrepreneurs are individuals who introduce new, innovative products or services that help society become more productive, reduce cost and improve the general quality of life. Because they know their offerings much better than anyone else, and also how these solve the problems of customers, entrepreneurs can charge a high price for their innovations. This […]

Why You Need To Be CONSISTENT In Your Life And As an Entrepreneur

Consistency. That is the buzz word. But to help fix in your mind a clear picture of what consistency really is, I will start with an abridged version of a story told by Arno Rafael Minkkinen, and shared on

He was born in Helsinki, Finland. And in the centre of the city, there was […]

Do You Like Talking About Technology? Then Enter the WITB ESSAY CONTEST And Win Fantastic Prizes!


The competition is free and open to all writers


You can write on any topic related to technology, or pick ONE of the two topics below:

How Movies Affect Our Lives

      2. How Android Changed The World


1st Prize (1 […]

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Do You Live On a Street, Road, Cul de Sac, Or an Avenue? What Really Is the Difference?

If you live in a city, you would have heard such designations like avenue, street, road and close. Perhaps, you wondered what each of them meant and what criteria were reached before they arrived at these designations. Worry your fine heads no more as this article seeks to put the mystery to rest […]


The Ancient Story of Te Fiti and Her Stolen Heart

After Te Fiti, an island goddess created all life, she became an island while her heart became a small pounamu stone. This stone was then stolen by the demigod, Maui (Dwayne Johnson) who wants to harness its power, but is confronted by lava demon, Te Kā and […]

Family Health – Personal Cleanliness

Topic: Family Health (Personal Cleanliness)


When we clean our body regularly, we reduce the chances of getting infected by various organisms that thrive in dirty environment. An individual’s health depends on the way and manner in which he or she takes care of himself or herself. If one does not […]

Interesting Habitat Facts (Ocean)

Oceans form the largest habitat on the planet and are thought to be the place where all life started. Thousands and thousands of different animal species inhabit the world’s ocean waters and can be found at water depths of just a centimetre to nearly 11 kilometres beneath the water’s surface. The oceans are […]

Civic Education {JSS2}: Values

JSS 1 Civic Education First term Week 1

Topic: Meaning of Values

Types of Values


Value can be define as the degree of quality or worth of a thing.It can also be defined as the lay down rules or standard that guides our interaction with people.value influences our character […]

Classwork Series and Exercises {Biology – SS1}: Biomes

Biology, SS 1

Topic: Biomes


Large biotic communities corresponding to vegetation belts or zones are called biomes. Biomes are described as any large natural terrestrial ecosystem. The type of any biome is largely determined by climatic factors, especially rainfall and temperature. Thus, regions of the world with similar climates […]

To Get Others To Give You Their Money, You Need To Be a Master Of These 5 Methods

Whatever way you look at it, we are all involved in the business of buying and selling something. Whether it is asking your parents for pocket money, trying to get your siblings to trade something with you, or convincing your friends to buy something you are offering.

This being the case, […]

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