Brain Teaser: Smart Enough To Figure Out What This Butcher Weighs?

How good is your Maths? Think you can figure out what Mr Ripley’s weighs?

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In Ancient Japan, Kubo (Art Parkinson) is a young boy who lives with his sick mother, Sariatu (Charlize Theron) in a cave on top of a mountain. Every day, he goes out to the nearby Sun Village to tell stories by making pieces of paper move to music, and is instructed by his mother […]

The Bridge Where Sweethearts Profess their Undying Love

A love lock or love padlock is a padlock which sweethearts lock to a bridge, fence, gate, or similar public fixture to symbolize their love. Typically the sweethearts’ names or initials are inscribed on the padlock, and its key is thrown away to symbolize unbreakable love. Because of an increase in the number […]

Computer Studies – ICT as a Transformational Tool

Computer Science JSS2

Week 4



ICT – ICTs stand for Information and Communication Technologies and are defined, for the purposes, as a “diverse set of technological tools and resources used to communicate, and to create, disseminate, store, and manage information.” These technologies […]

Wouldn’t You Love To Write For Some Cash? This Contest Promises You Just That!


Life Saver Essays is hosting an Essay Writing Contest for budding writers. Our goal is to encourage rising talent and promote the spirit of writing, which seems to have diminished.


You can choose any topic, but you are advised to choose topics that you feel passionately […]

Meet The Nigerian Teen Entrepreneurs Who Want To Forever Change The Way You Watch TV

Meet Richard Ogundiya and Tolu Yussuff, two 19 year-old entrepreneurs whose company, Jangilova, is set to change the way you watch TV and entertain yourself.

Richard is a 300-level student of the University of Lagos, while Tolu is a student of the National Institute of Information Technology (NIIT) Lagos. Their proposed service will […]

Classwork Exercise and Series (Biology-SS1): Mineral Requirements Of Plants


Plants require mineral nutrients or elements obtained from the soil in form of solution for good growth and healthy development. The soil is the main source of mineral salts while gaseous elements such as oxygen, hydrogen and carbon are mainly derived from the atmosphere. These elements or plant nutrients are grouped […]

Grammar Clinic: The Eight Parts of Speech – Definitions, Functions and Examples

The indispensable aspect of a language you cannot ignore if you want to be an authority in the language are the Parts of Speech.

A part of speech is a category into which words are placed according to the work they do in a sentence. Every word that makes up a sentence, phrase […]

Language Structure & Reading Skills: Surveying, Skimming and Scanning

English Language JSS2 First Term

Week 8


Language Structure

Reading Skills: Surveying, Skimming and Scanning.

Language Structure

1. Talking about Possibility

Read this dialogue:

Driver:           Don’t touch him! He may be suffering from an infectious disease!
Passenger 1:  In that case we […]

EMAIL ETIQUETTE: Tips for Successful Electronic Letter Writing

You must have studied in school how to write letters, whether formal or informal. But in this age, most letters are not written with ink on paper, but electronically. It is not unusual nowadays to submit your essays, resumes, application letters, class presentations and assignments, and all such matters using your email address.

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