Teens! Learn from Thomas Edison’s Efficient Scheduling Method

We all have at most twenty four hours in a day. And most often, we complain about the time not being enough. Indeed, time is never enough; for several reasons. But if you learn how to effectively manage the little time you have on your hands, you might as well be able to […]

Here are some of the Things that happen to Teenagers when they are infatuated

 Have you ever been infatuated? Well if you have, you’d have noticed the following weird behaviours…

When you can’t help but break into a grin whenever the name of your crush comes up in conversation. And then  when your friends notice, you go like What, me, beaming like an idiot? Noway. There’s no […]

The Different Types of Friends you may have…

There are many characters in every close-knit group of friends. There are the funny ones, the annoying ones, the compassionate ones and the touché ones. There are also the religious ones, the loutish ones, the serious ones and the lucky go lucky ones. Indeed there are typically several characters, which make me wonder […]

Behold: Everyday Images of Nigerian Secondary School Life

Mind you, there is nothing to see here other than some interesting images of Nigerian Secondary School Students in school, either learning or just hanging out. Please relax, look through the images and do let me know in the comment section if you can see yourself. Lol. Alright then…

IF YOU A […]

Teens! Take note of Some of the Most Misused Words and Phrases

Would you believe that there are certain words and phrases, about fifty eight (58) of them that are constantly misused every day by so many people the world over? Well believe that! Now just in case you’ve been guilty of misusing some of these words, this post will help you realize your errors […]

Science Students! Here are the Basic Safety Measures to Observe While in the Labouratory

Let me begin this article by telling a rather funny but instructive story. Enjoy and learn please…

First year Medical Students of Kenyatta University were attending their first Anatomy Class. As they all gathered around the Anatomy Table beholding the real dead body before them,
their lecturer, Professor Mwangi started the class by […]

Classwork Series and Exercises {Business Studies – JSS2}: National Health Insurance Scheme

Business Studies, JSS 2, Week 2

Topic: National Health Insurance Scheme


Meaning of National Health Insurance Scheme
Objectives of Health Insurance Scheme
Those who can benefit from the NHIS

Meaning of National Health Insurance Scheme

National Health insurance Scheme is a contributory health insurance scheme meant for providing medical attention to […]

Classwork Exercise and Series (Chemistry-SS 1): Particulate Nature Of Matter

Definition Of Matter

Matter is defined as anything that occupies space and has mass. The particles of matter could be atoms, molecules or ions.


The ancient Greeks were the first to use the word atom, which means indivisible. An atom is […]

Agricultural Science – Classes of Livestock Feed

 Agricultural Science, JSS 1, Week 1

Topic: Feed and Feeding

The food given to farm animals is called feed. Farm animals, need feed for growth, repair of warm-out tissues energy and the general well being of the animals. All feed materials which are included in the animal ration or diet are […]

Classwork Series and Exercises {Social Studies – JSS3}: National Economy

Social Studies JSS 3 Week 4

Topic: National Economy


Meaning of National Economy

Meaning of National Economy

National Economy can be refers to the goods and services which a country is able to produce at any given time using all the natural, human and capital resources available to it.

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