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Some Useful Speed Reading Techniques

With the alarmingly increasing availability of information to people nowadays, the need for speed reading is also on the rise. It is a collection of various techniques and methods that help in increasing your reading speed without actually reducing your retention and comprehension capabilities. This is becoming more and more popular among students and professionals alike. This is because students benefit through this skill by covering more chapters than their contemporaries. In the corporate world, employees with this skill can comprehend various reports, newspapers, emails, correspondence and other technical papers faster. Thus, it improves the efficiency and productivity of the person along with providing him more time to deal with other facets of life.


Speed Reading Techniques

Though learning to read speedily does not help in increasing the I.Q of a person, it does help in increasing the ability of the brain to comprehend various new concepts in a short period. In addition to these techniques, one should strengthen his or her comprehension and vocabulary to master this skill completely. Some common basic techniques that can be followed may be listed as follows:


Avoid Reading Word by Word: 

Unfortunately, most of us are taught to read word by word since our childhoods. This is a typically common poor reading habit, which makes the person concentrate more on the words rather than the concept presented by the complete text. For speed reading, one needs to read in chunks and blocks while grasping the basic essence of these groups.


Avoiding Sub Vocalization: 

Considered to be one of the major speed reading techniques, according to it, one should avoid pronouncing each word when reading as it reduces the comprehension ability and the reading speed of the person. One should practice regularly to get out of this reading speed slowing habit.


Focus on Reading:

Many believe in multi-tasking. However, one should avoid combining any other work while reading and try to just sit and read. Avoiding all kinds of distractions and disturbances will help in improving the reading speed of the person.


Skimming the Content for Main Ideas:

Reading is not a linear practice. It is not necessary that one takes in the sentences and paragraphs sequentially and in order. One should develop the habit of scanning the complete content in the minimum possible time they can and focus more on the important content, which is often highlighted in bold or are in bulleted points. This will help him or her in avoiding the fluff and concentrating more on the vital material.


Take Regular Breaks: 

Steady reading for hours at a stretch affects the efficiency of the person while slowing down the retention process. One should take regular breaks to refresh him or herself, which also helps in avoiding much strain on the eyes. By continuous practise of these speed reading techniques, one will notice a considerable amount of change in his or her reading style in a very short period. Though many are blessed with speed reading naturally, there are a whole lot of courses available on the market also that help people in learning the same. One just needs to remember that speed reading is not magic. Regular practice and concentration are the only two ways that will help him or her to master this truly valuable art.



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