10 Amazing Animal Facts (Sea Lion)

Sea Lions are found in all climates, in both the north and southern hemispheres and every ocean with the exception of the Atlantic Ocean. The sea lion is often seen around the big harbors of the world where groups of sea lions gather together to feed and bask in the sun. Sea lions and seals are two different animals that belong to the same group called pinnipeds, meaning “fin-footed.”

Fast facts about Sea Lions

1. Pups (baby sea lions) weigh about 13-20 pounds and are 2.5 feet long when they are born. Females can weigh between 200 and 400 pounds and can be up to 6.5 feet long. Male sea lions tend to be larger, weighing about 600 to 800 pounds and can be up to 8 feet long.

2. There are 7 species of sea lions.

3. A male sea lion is called a bull and a female is called a cow.

4. They can dive up to 1,000 feet

5. A mother sea lion is pregnant for 12 months. They give birth on land.

6. Sea Lions have external ear flaps, long fore-flippers and short thick hair.

7. They can walk on all four flippers.

8. Sea lions are quite the social party animals, as they are rarely found alone. In fact, they live much of their lives in large group

9. The sea lion has two main predators, the Shark and Killer Whale.

10. The average life span of the sea lion is about 20 years, but some have been recorded to live into their 30’s.

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