10 Amazing Bird Facts (Emu)

Another big bird! The emu is the largest bird native to Australia and the fourth biggest living bird. Some scientists consider emus to be living dinosaurs because their bones and joints are similar to dinosaurs.

Fast Facts about Emu

1. Emu is very large bird. Females are slightly larger. Emu reaches between 5 and 6.5 feet in height. It can weigh up to 130 pounds.

2. Emus are endemic to Australia (They are only found in Australia)

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3. Emu has long neck, sharp beak and small ears. Its body is covered with light-brown feathers. Each feather has a double shaft. Emu has small wings which provide stability during running.

4. Like other ratites, the emu has a ‘keelless’ breastbone and is therefore missing the part needed to anchor powerful flight muscles.

5. Emu has three toes on each foot. Their legs are strong and built for running. Also, they use legs for kicking the predators when faced with danger.

6. Emus are omnivorous birds feeding mainly on fruits, seeds and insects.

7. An emu egg can weigh about the same as 12 chicken eggs.

8. Emu swallows small rocks and pebbles to facilitate grinding of food and accelerate digestion.

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9. Emu chicks are active as soon as they hatch. Their body is covered with stripes of brown and creamy-colored soft feathers that provide camouflage. After three months, their plumage starts looking like feathers of adult animals.

10. Emus can live between 5-10 years in the wild.

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