Every female knows that there are a lot of things that girls deal with on a regular basis that guys just don’t understand. Sure, there are plenty of things that guys also have to deal with that ladies don’t get.

So, what are some of these things that come with being a girl? Let’s talk about it together. Here are 10 daily struggles girls deal with that guys just don’t understand.

Being Seen As A Tease When She’s Just Trying To Be Friendly – Sometimes it feels like a girl can’t be nice to a guy without him assuming she’s leading him on. It makes her seem like she owes him something if she dares to flirt even a little bit.

Stressing Over Periods – Worrying about your period is usually even worse than actually dealing with your period. When it’s late, you’re totally freaked out. When it’s early, you’re seriously annoyed. When it’s happening, you’re wondering if it’s normal. Ugh. This is one thing dudes will NEVER understand.

The Time It Takes To Get Ready – Even if you’re a girl who doesn’t spend a lot of time on makeup or doing your hair, it’s still hard to argue that the majority of guys out there take longer to get ready than you do. Even the act of showering is faster for dudes, because they don’t have as much curves and they don’t have to deal with their hair afterwards. Of course, there are always exceptions, but in general, girls have to spend more time getting ready.

Painting Nails With The Wrong Hand – Painting your nails with your non dominant hand. Seriously though, the struggle is real.

Shaving Weird Parts Of Your Body –  Getting rid of hair in odd/inconvenient places is really annoying.

Pocket Situation – Girls usually don’t have any god damn pockets. Do you know how annoying it is to not be able to fit anything in your pockets? No, guys, you don’t, because you all have giant pockets. Must be nice to not have to carry around a bag just to have something to put your cell phone and wallet in.

Feeling Unsafe At Night – Guys will never understand the fear or general sense of unease girls feel when they’re alone at night (or really anywhere). Many girls can’t go outside in the dark or in a deserted place without worrying about what might happen.

Being Too Self Conscious – No guy will ever understand how conscious a girl is when she’s around guys. I mean, she’s practically taking notes of everything… and scared of messing up.

Judgment From Other Girls – As sad as it is to say, it’s true: girls aren’t always that nice to one another. In my experience, girls are far more likely to secretly gossip about each other than guys are.
Sexual Harassment Everywhere, Every Day.

Street harassment sucks! – No, girls don’t think your catcalls or unnecessarily staring or talking about their body parts are compliments.