10 Simple Ways To Build Your Personal Learning Network

(By Jeff Dunn)

Getting online is easy. Finding a few resources is relatively easy. Finding useful (and real) people who can truly benefit your learning is quite difficult. That’s probably why there is such a big need for teachers, administrators, and even students to have a personal learning network (PLN). Whether it’s strictly online or a mixture of both in-person and online is not important. Whatever works best for you is what works best. Simple as that.

Below is a listing of ten simple tips to help you build a meaningful PLN

1. Follow #hashtag chats (like #edchat) on Twitter and actually participate!

2. Join LinkedIn Groups and reply to questions, comment on posts, connect with others.

3. Follow and message people who follow and message you. No matter what social network it is.

4. Check out people who re-pin you on Pinterest. Talk to them. Follow their boards.

5. Do more than like groups and organisations on Facebook. Participate in the comments.

6. Find a blog you like. See who they link to or follow on social media. Follow those bloggers and repeat.

7. Use an RSS reader (Digg, Bloglovin, Reeder) to stay up to date with bloggers you follow.

8. Talk to people via email. Contact bloggers and other people by email instead of social network messaging. It’s a lot more personal.

9. Try out relatively new tools like, Diigo, Learnist, and other social bookmarking sites popular with teachers.

10. Get your colleagues down the hall to join you online and offline!


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