Step Up Your Game By Avoiding These Ten Social Media Don’ts

1. You don’t have a profile photo: Help people to know you’re real, and not a robot or spam account!

2. You only share selfies and humblebrags: If someone likes seeing your mug that much, let’s hope you already live with them. Also, people can identify a humblebrag, and it just makes you look obnoxious.

3. Overusing (overtweeting, overgramming, etc): If you post twenty things in a row and then don’t say anything else for ages, you’re just clogging up someone’s feed for a short time, and then hiding under the cammo of the internet.

4. You Only Accept Friend Requests From People You Know: The internet is a great place to make new connections. If you limit yourself to connecting only with people you already know, you’re really limiting yourself.

5. You’re a Lurker: Don’t just sit in the corner like a creeper – contribute to the conversation!

6. You Share Only One Type Of Thing: Even if you have an online niche, such as, say, edtech, sharing other types of information is important! Real humans are interested in more than just one thing!

7. Don’t Be Too Mundane: Photographing every meal you eat is boring. This sort of falls under posting a well rounded assortment of information.

8. Don’t Be A Troll: It is fine to have an opinion. In fact, it is important to have one. But don’t be a jerk and slam other people for having their own opinions too. When you find yourself getting annoyed/irritated/angry, take a break and take your fingers off the keyboard!

9. Keep Learning: Different types of social media and social media tools do different things and connect different types of groups. If you only use one, you may be missing out! Check things out, and don’t be shy!


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