Howdy, guess you had a splendiferous weekend. We understand that the hustle bustle of everyday life can be so drowning that we sometimes get disconnected from the happenings around us. Passnownow brings news snippets and nuggets that you probably skipped last week. Enjoy.

1. Ever got so attached to a gadget or a toy to a point you organize a burial ceremony when it becomes irreparably damaged? Never? Well the Japanese do funerals, mourn and cremate their robotic dog when they become totally damaged. (Source)

2. Facebook removed ‘feeling fat’ status and emoji option. We all can update our Facebook status and even add how we feel at that moment. We could use ‘feeling happy, lucky or sad’. The ‘feeling fat’ caused a lot of uproar and campaigners petitioned Facebook arguing that fat is not a feeling and the status/emoji derides fat people. (Source)

3. A lobster having the size of a man lived 480 million years ago. What would you call that? A lobster or a MONSTER? (Source)

4. Putting a light bulb inside a fruit or vegetable show that they all emit light differently – rough surfaced items like cauliflower create the most interesting effect. (Source)

5. The world may be in serious danger of global famine. Researchers, in a recent study noticed that the number of pollinating birds and mammals are declining. (Source)

6. The world’s newest island was formed off Tonga in the South Pacific. Scientists say the formation was because of an underwater volcano and that the Island was still unstable. (Source)

7. Last week, the mystery behind the unique behaviour of Chameleons changing colour was unraveled. A team of scientists say the animal change its colour by rearranging crystals rather than dispersing pigments as it was once thought. (Source)

8. Three million whales were killed in the 20th century. Sad tale. (Source)

9. With rain comes lightning bolts and thunder. Has it ever crossed your mind that a place on this planet may be receiving more lightning strike than anywhere else in the world? Lake Maracaibo in Venezuela is that place. (Source)

10. Some South African surgeons were able to transplant the male sex organ for the first time in history. We know of some organ transplant. But the male sex organ? No way! (Source )