10 Ways To Be A More Attractive Teenager

If there’s anything commonly desired by all humans is the need to naturally draw others to oursleves. We want to command attraction. Nobody wants to be avoided; we all want people to come around us. But how exactly can we do this? Below are 10 simple tips.

  1. Smile: A little smile on your face would do. Everyone knows a frowning face is a volcano about to erupt.
  2. Maintain facial hair: Trim and shave your facial hair regularly. If you want to keep moustache and remain beard, keep them neat.
  3. Wear well-fit clothes: Do not wear oversized or too tight clothes. Use the best colour combination and ensure they are pressed.
  4. Keep eye contact: Keep regular eye contact during conversations.
  5. Walk confidently: How? Keep your head up high, your eyes looking forward and your body relaxed.
  6. combine_images2Fight the odour: Bad odour can hamper on all your efforts to be attractive. People, by default, will avoid you if you smell badly. Visit a dentist if you have mouth odour and wear deodorant if you have body odour. Smell nice always
  7. Keep a cheerful disposition: Laugh and make others laugh. Nobody wants to be around constantly sad people. Laughter is good medicine and a sign of happiness. Everyone who wants to be happy is naturally drawn to cheerful individuals.
  8. Good body Language: If you communicate a busy body language, people will keep away from you. They would not want to disturb you. People are naturally drawn to relaxed and calm individuals.
  9. Reach out to the other person. Show that you are always interested in people by asking questions. People feel important when they realise you take interest in them. RED FLAG: Do not probe into very personal affairs.
  10. Be relaxed: Nervousness isn’t liked. So, be confident and relaxed while dealing with people. Be confident and open yourself to others. Communicate with them and be easy.

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