The well-travelled-mysterious-but-interesting oneThose are the students who have spent time living somewhere exotic and unexpected. They dress a bit more maturely but no one questions it and immediately accepts their quirky-ness as cool. After all, they’re way more cultured than those of us who have never left the ‘burbs.

The one who will never do his/her homework

The one who disrupts class but the teacher loves them anywayNo one else would everrrr get away with the stuff they pull.

The one who knows every secretTell her your business, and soon everyone will know. But then again, what would you do without her? You’ve gotta get your info somehow.

The one who turns EVERYTHING into a competitionWe all care about our grades, but this person takes it to a whole ‘nother level.

The one who is genuinely friends with everyoneThey’re not even being fake. This person is always thoughtful enough to include everyone and always has your back.

The one who never studies but always gets AsYou respect this person but at the same time, it’s hard not to fake-hate them. Like he’s just born knowing everything about chemistry?! How does that happen?

The one who has everythingAll the coolest clothes and the hottest significant others. We don’t even have to go fiction here.

The one who doesn’t panic when they forget to studyIt’s like they wave a magic wand and everything works out perfectly.

The one who always talks about music/sports It’s like every facebook and Tweet are of some album cover or song no one else has ever heard of but they swear it’s the best thing on earth.

The guy who is destined to be a frat brotherThe first to know about every party, that is, if he’s not the one throwing it. He talks to every girl there and then you hear him replaying those convos next Monday in class.

The school spirit diehardAll high school. All the time. This kid is dedicated to just book. Can be boring at times though, but then, he’s the teacher’s favourite

The blogger/social media addictEverything you need to know about this person, you can read it on his or her blog or Facebook wall. Want to know what your sweetie is up to? Just log on to her facebook page.

The NFA oneNFA is an abbreviation for No Future Ambition! This is the one that takes pride in doing the wrong things. He/She’s such that will miss classes, jump the school fence, dress inappropriately…

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