15 Rules Teens Want Their Parents To Follow (But Know They Won’t)

Dear parent,

I know what’s already going on in your mind by just reading the headline of this article. You’re probably screaming “What rubbish! How can you make the rules when you will end up taking silly and dangerous decisions?” Fine, it’s obvious I might not be able to make the rules because you don’t trust me, but then, I just want you to know that among all things, I seriously crave for: Respect my privacy by knocking on the door before you walk into my room; model appropriate behaviour rather than demand for it while doing the opposite; and allowing me some level of autonomy can do wonders for my relationship with you.

Although you won’t let me make the rules, however, these are 15 rules that I would put in place if I had it my way.

1. Don’t talk about your glory days like they are mine – I know you’re the best in your days – I mean almost every parent I know is. But you need to understand we are not the same and honestly I’m trying my best. Besides, situations are different. Just know that repeatedly doing stuff like this weighs me down… and not likely to win you many popularity points.

2. Don’t tell me what to do That’s right. I want to explore and experiment. Being ordered around every time is really frustrating.

3. Don’t assume you know what’s best for me – I know you have my best interest at heart, but then, I feel that your observations and ideas are wrong most of the time.

4. Never offer me advice, unless I ask – Thank you for always being there for me. But I hate it when you offer unsolicited advice… especially when you won’t stop talking.

5. Let me set my own curfew and when I’m not in the house, don’t call me every 15 minutes to ask where I am – You make me crave freedom each time you do this… and that’s why I can’t wait to get into higher institution.

6. Don’t tell me how to dress – I would prefer to never hear your negative opinion on the clothes I wear.

7 Don’t meddle – You may think that you’re simply asking me about my day, but too many questions tell me you’re prying too much into my affairs.

8. Don’t embarrass me – Don’t get me wrong. It’s not like I’m not proud of you – I just don’t want you showing up when I don’t want you to.

9. Don’t hug, kiss or hold my hand in public – That makes me feel like am still a child

10. Ask for my opinion on everything – Make me know that my opinions are valued. So please consult me before any big decision about my life is taken.

11. Knock before entering.It’s a matter of courtesy.

12. Don’t snoop through my room, phone and car – Privacy is worth more than gold to me, even though I have little or nothing to hide.

13. Don’t stalk me or my friends on social networking sites.” – And if you must do this, just don’t let me know about it.

14. Practice what you preach – That’s just it. I prefer ‘do as I do’, not ‘do as I say’.

15. Trust me – I want to know that I’m trusted. I also want the freedom that comes with that.

Yours sincerely,

Your Teenager.

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